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  1. Ornamental plants or garden plants are plants that are primarily grown for their beauty but also for qualities such as scent or how they shape physical space. Many are flowering plants, and garden varieties tend to be specially bred cultivars that improve on the original species in qualities such as colour, shape, scent and long-lasting blooms.

  2. Biografía Niñez y comienzos en la música. Robert Plant nació el 20 de agosto de 1948 en West Bromwich, Staffordshire, en la zona conocida como Black Country. [n.2] Su padre, Robert C. Plant, era un ingeniero civil que trabajó para la Real Fuerza Aérea Británica durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, mientras que la familia de su madre, Annie Celia Plant (nacida como Annie Cain), tenía ...

  3. A terrestrial plant is a plant that grows on, in, or from land. Other types of plants are aquatic (living in water), epiphytic (living on trees) and lithophytic (living in or on rocks). The distinction between aquatic and terrestrial plants is often blurred because many terrestrial plants are able to tolerate periodic submersion and many aquatic species have both submersed and emersed forms. [2]

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    A woody plant is a plant that produces wood as its structural tissue and thus has a hard stem. In cold climates, woody plants further survive winter or dry season above ground, as opposite to herbaceous plants that die back to the ground until spring .

  5. Plant systematics: a phylogenetic approach, Third Edition. Sinauer Axxoc, USA. M. J. Simpson. 2005. Plant Systematics. Elsevier Academic Press. En reglas para nombrar a las plantas (nomenclatura): "Nomenclatura y taxonomía de las plantas, una perspectiva agricultural y agronómica". Define también conceptos de taxonomía y de especie.

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    Chlorofil, ’n groen magnesiumbevattende pigment, is noodsaaklik vir die proses; dit kom gewoonlik in die blare voor en dikwels ook in ander dele van die plant. Plante maak op grond staat vir steun en water, maar kry ook samestellings van stikstof , fosfor , kalium , magnesium en ander voedingstowwe daaruit.

  7. The plant's initial operating license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission was the subject of a lawsuit that produced the U.S. Supreme Court's 1978 decision Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc., in which the Supreme Court set forth a significant doctrine in American administrative law

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