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  1. Prince Frederick of Württemberg (German: Friedrich Karl August Prinz von Württemberg) (21 February 1808 – 9 May 1870) was a German prince from House of Württemberg, a general in the Army of Württemberg and the father of William II of Württemberg.

  2. Frederick I ( German: Friedrich Wilhelm Karl; 6 November 1754 – 30 October 1816) was the ruler of Württemberg from 1797 to his death. He was the last Duke of Württemberg from 1797 to 1803, then the first and only Elector of Württemberg from 1803 to 1806, before raising Württemberg to a kingdom in 1806 with the approval of Napoleon I.

  3. Prince Paul of Württemberg (Paul Heinrich Karl Friedrich August; 19 January 1785 – 16 April 1852) was the fourth child and second son of King Frederick I and his wife, Duchess Augusta of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel.

  4. Princess Catherine of Württemberg (1821–1898) who married Prince Frederick of Württemberg (1808–1870) by whom she was the mother of King William II of Württemberg (born 1848–1921) the last King of Württemberg who succeeded his uncle King Charles I of Württemberg and ruled from 1891 until the abolition of the kingdom in 1918.

  5. El príncipe Federico de Wurtemberg (en alemán: Friedrich Prinz von Württemberg; 21 de febrero de 1808 - 9 de mayo de 1870) fue un general en el ejército de Württemberg y el padre de Guillermo II de Wurtemberg. Federico era miembro de la familia real de Wurtemberg y un Príncipe de Wurtemberg.

  6. German prince and general (1808-1870) Friedrich Karl August von Württemberg aka Württemberg (21 Feb 1808 - 9 May 1870)

  7. Description. Frederick, Hereditary Prince of Württemberg, later Duke of Württemberg, and Frederick I, King of Württemberg (1805), was the eldest son of Duke Frederick Eugene of Württemberg and Frederica, daughter of Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburg-Schwedt.