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  1. Prince Gorm of Denmark (Danish: Prins Gorm Christian Frederik Hans Harald til Danmark; b. Jægersborghus , 24 February 1919 – Copenhagen , 26 December 1991) was the first son of Prince Harald of Denmark and his wife, Princess Helena of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg .

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    Gorm the Old (Danish: Gorm den Gamle; Old Norse: Gormr gamli; Latin: Gormus Senex), also called Gorm the Languid (Danish: Gorm Løge, Gorm den Dvaske), was ruler of Denmark, reigning from c. 936 to his death c. 958 or a few years later. He ruled from Jelling, and made the oldest of the Jelling stones in honour of his wife Thyra.

  3. Gorm el Viejo (en danés: Gorm den Gamle), fue un caudillo vikingo danés que llegó a ser rey de Dinamarca (936-958). Nació antes del año 900 y posiblemente murió en 958. [1] [2] [3]

  4. 7 de feb. de 2023 · Yet much of the history of the man who would establish the Danish monarchy - one of the oldest in the world, with a royal heritage stretching back over a millennium - is shrouded in mystery. Join us as we separate fact from fiction, tall tales from the truth.

  5. Co-King of Denmark r. 947–962: Toke c. 948/950 –986 King of Scania King of Denmark r. 971–986, r. 985–986: Styrbjörn the Strong d. 986: Tyra of Denmark d. 1000: Olaf Tryggvason 960s–1000 King of Norway: Sigrid the Haughty 960/972–1014: Sweyn Forkbeard 963–1014 King of Denmark r. 986–1014: Gunhild of Wenden: Haakon b. 961 ...

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    In accordance with the Act of Succession of 1853, the throne passed to Frederik VII’s relative, Prince Christian of Glücksborg, who was a direct descendant of the Royal House. He acceded to the throne as Christian IX and became one of the longest reigning monarchs in Denmark (1863-1906).

  7. In ancient times Denmark was not a kingdom, but a multitude of small provinces ruled over by warlike chiefs who called themselves kings. It was not until the ninth century that these little king-ships were combined into one kingdom, this being done by a famous chieftain, known by the Danes as Gorm den Gamle, or Gorm the Old. A great warrior he was,