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  1. 01/08/2022 · The Ascanian line of Saxe-Wittenberg became extinct with the death of Elector Albert III in 1422, whereafter Emperor Sigismund bestowed the country and electoral dignity upon Margrave Frederick IV of Meissen, who had been a loyal supporter in the Hussite Wars. Late Albert's Ascanian relative Duke Eric V of Saxe-Lauenburg protested in vain.

  2. 25/07/2022 · The second Berlin Federal archives list, depicts 270 princely members of the Nazi Party (1928–1942), of which almost half joined the Nazis pre-Hitler. The Berlin list named 90 direct senior heirs, to their 22 abolished princedoms, [3] and also included claimants to the (former) Imperial Crown of Wilhelm II.

  3. › en › Elisabeth-of-Saxe-AltenburgElisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg

    • Family and Early Life
    • Marriage and Issue
    • Later Life

    Princess Elisabeth, as she was usually known, was the second child of Prince Moritz of Saxe-Altenburg (1829–1907) and his wife, Princess Augusta of Saxe-Meiningen (1843–1919). During her youth she made several trips around Europe visiting her relatives.

    In 1882, when she was sixteen, she met her second cousin, Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich of Russia in Altenburg. His mother and her father were first cousins; in addition to that, they shared Emperor Pavel I as a common ancestor. There was immediately some talk of marriage. However, although she said she was ready to marry Konstantin, he hes...

    Grand Duchess Elizaveta Mavrikievna, or "Mavra" as she was known within the Romanov family, was a popular figure, and got on quite well with her nephew, Tsar Nicholas II. She outlived most of her children. In 1905 her daughter Natalia died aged exactly two months. When World War I broke out, she found herself fighting on the opposite side of her na...

  4. 31/07/2022 · Johann Moritz Hauke, Count von Hauke in 1829 (1775-1830) & Sophie Lafontaine (1790-1831) Prince Karl Wilhelm Ludwig of Hesse and the Rhine (1809-1877), son of Ludwig II & 1836 Princess Elisabeth of Prussia (1815-1885) Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1819-1861) & 1840

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  6. 29/07/2022 · Princess Vera was born in April 1906 as the youngest of the nine children of Grand Duke Constantin Constantinovitch and Princess Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg. Her father died in 1915, one of her brothers died in 1914 at the front and three other brothers were killed in a mine at Alapaievsk in July 1918.

  7. 18/07/2022 · As the eldest daughter of Prince Moritz of Saxe-Altenburg and his wife Princess Augusta of Saxe-Meiningen, and a sister of Ernest II, Duke of Saxe-Altenburg, Marie Anne was a member of the Ducal House of Saxe-Altenburg.On 16 April 1882 at Altenburg, Marie Anne married Georg, Hereditary Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe.