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  1. Princess Caroline of Denmark. Princess Caroline of Denmark ( Danish: Caroline af Danmark; 28 October 1793, Copenhagen – 31 March 1881, Copenhagen ), was the eldest surviving daughter of King Frederick VI. She was unofficially known as "Kronprinsesse Caroline" (English: Crown Princess Caroline) prior to her marriage, and later as "Arveprinsesse ...

  2. Princess Caroline-Mathilde was born on 27 April 1912 at Jægersborghus country house in Gentofte north of Copenhagen, Denmark. She was the second child and daughter of Prince Harald of Denmark, son of King Frederick VIII of Denmark and Princess Louise of Sweden.

  3. Princess Wilhelmina Caroline of Denmark, electress of Hesse-Kassel. She was one of the daughters of King Frederick V of Denmark (1723–1766), and his first spouse Louise (1724–1751), daughter of King George II of Great Britain . At Christiansborg Palace on 1 September 1764 she married her cousin Prince William of Hesse, Count of Hanau, one ...

  4. Caroline Mathilde. Caroline Mathilde became the Queen of Denmark in 1766, when she married Christian VII. She was the daughter of Prince Frederick Ludwig of Wales and a sister of King George III of Great Britain. Caroline Mathilde was the mother of Frederik VI and Princess Louise Augusta.

    • Birth and Early Years
    • Marriage
    • Queen of Denmark and Norway
    • Affair and Scandal
    • Divorce and Exile
    • Later Life in Celle

    Caroline Matilda was born in Leicester House, London, on 22 July (11 July in the Old Style) 1751 as the ninth and youngest child of Frederick, Prince of Wales, and Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha. Her father died suddenly about three months before her birth, on 31 March 1751. At birth, she was given the style and title Her Royal Highness Princess Caroline Matilda,[a] as daughter of the Prince of Wales, though by the time of her birth that title had passed to her brother George (who became King George IIIin 1761). The princess was christened ten days after being born, on 1 August, at the same house, by the Bishop of Norwich, Thomas Hayter. Her godparents were her brother George, her aunt Caroline, and her sister Augusta. She was brought up by her strict mother away from the English court and was described as natural and informal, and for this reason, she was uninterested in politics and court intrigues as an adult. She spent most of the time with her family in Leicester House, but dur...

    In 1764, a marriage was suggested between the Danish House of Oldenburg and the British House of Hanover, specifically between Christian, Crown Prince of Denmark, and a British princess. The Danish Crown Prince was the oldest surviving son of King Frederick V and his first wife Princess Louise of Great Britain, and in consequence, first cousin of the children of the late Prince of Wales. The marriage was considered suitable because the British and Danish royal families were both Protestant and of the same rank, and thus had the same status as well as religion. Additionally, the deceased Queen Louise had been very popular in Denmark. Initially, the marriage negotiations were intended for the eldest unmarried daughter of the former Prince of Wales, Princess Louise Anne, but after the Danish representative in London, Count von Bothmer, was informed of her weak constitution, her younger sister Caroline Matilda was chosen for the match instead.The official betrothal was announced on 10 J...

    Caroline Matilda became close to her Overhofmesterinde, Louise von Plessen, who regarded the King's friends, such as Conrad Holck and Enevold Brandt, as immoral and acted to isolate Caroline Matilda from her spouse. This was not difficult, as Christian VII did not like her. The couple were further estranged when Louise von Plessen advised Caroline Matilda to claim to be indisposed when the King expressed a wish for physical intimacy, with the thought that distance would make the King more eager; instead, though, it only made him more unwilling. At the end, and after being persuaded by his old tutor Reverdil, Christian VII consummated his marriage for the sake of the succession, and after the Queen gave birth to Crown Prince Frederickon 28 January 1768, he turned his interest to the brothels of Copenhagen. Though Caroline Matilda was not interested in politics, after the birth of an heir, she came to play a key role at the court. Her dislike of her husband's favourites increased when...

    The King returned to Copenhagen on 12 January 1769, bringing with him Johann Friedrich Struensee as Royal Physician. He had met Struensee in Altona at the beginning of his travels. During 1769, the King's mental health deteriorated, but Struensee could apparently handle the King's instability, which was a great relief to the King's advisers, and Christian VII developed a confidence in him. During 1769, Struensee encouraged the King in his attraction to Birgitte Sofie Gabel, reportedly because he believed a relationship with an intelligent woman would make the King more mentally stable and his insanity easier to handle, but this failed, and the attempt to provide the King with a mistress made the Queen hostile toward Struensee. After this, Struensee encouraged the King to improve his relationship with Caroline Matilda, and Christian VII showed his attention to her in the form of a three-day birthday party on 22 July 1769. The Queen was well aware that Struensee was behind these impro...

    The interrogation of Johann Friedrich Struensee began on 20 February 1772, but concerning the "crime of familiarity" with respect to the Queen, he admitted to nothing for three days. Later, he tried to shift much of the responsibility for the adultery onto Caroline Matilda. Struensee's main political associate and friend, Enevold Brandt, was interrogated at the same time, and reportedly admitted his knowledge of the favourite's crimes. In parallel to this, the Queen's staff were also questioned, and the testimony of her chamber staff, particularly her head chamber woman Charlotta Hedevig Matthie, her lady's maids Kristine Sofie Frederikke Bruun, Anna Charlotte Margrete Horn and Engel Marie Arensbach, and her chamber maid Anna Petersen, were particularly incriminating, as well as that of her lady-in-waiting Elisabeth von Eyben. A committee of four nobles was sent to Kronborg to interrogate the Queen; during their first visit, probably following the advice of Keith, Caroline Matilda r...

    In Celle, Caroline Matilda led a very quiet life. Here she was finally reunited with her beloved former hofmesterinde Countess Louise von Plessen. The former Queen was visited by many relatives and friends, among them her older sister Augusta, Duchess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, which many contemporaries considered a way to keep her watched. Her main entertainment was a small theatre, built especially for her in the castle, as well a library with numerous books in German and English; in addition, she became known for her charity towards poor children and orphans. Keith, who visited Caroline Matilda in November 1772, later reported to Lord Suffolk that he had found her in a contented mood and that she did not want to have any relations with the Danish court except those that directly affected the well-being of her children. Although no longer Queen, Caroline Matilda still played an important role in Danish politics, because she was the mother of the future King. In September 1774 she...

  5. 01/03/2018 · The British-born Queen of Denmark had been born Princess Caroline Mathilde of Wales on 11 July 1751, after a labour of two hours, at Leicester House – the London mansion residence of the Princes ...

  6. 26/09/2020 · Princess Caroline wears the sapphires in Denmark, May 2004 (CLAUS FISKER/AFP via Getty Images) One of Caroline’s most prominent appearances in the sapphire demi-parure came in May 2004, when she wore them with the Brunswick Tiara for the wedding of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

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