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  1. Princess Charlotte Amalie of Denmark and Norway (6 October 1706 – 28 October 1782) was a Danish princess, daughter of King Frederick IV of Denmark and Louise of Mecklenburg-Güstrow .

  2. Carlota Amalia de Dinamarca y de Noruega ( Castillo de Copenhague, 6 de octubre de 1706 - Copenhague, 28 de octubre de 1782) fue una princesa danesa, la quinta hija del rey Federico IV de Dinamarca y de su esposa, Luisa de Mecklemburgo-Güstrow .

  3. Charlotte Amalie became the Queen of Denmark in 1670. She was the daughter of Landgrave William VI of Hesse-Kassel. In 1667 she was married to Christian (V); as well as other children they had the son Frederik (IV) and the daughter Sophie Hedevig.

  4. Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel (27 April 1650 – 27 March 1714) was Queen of Denmark and Norway by marriage to King Christian V. Although she did not have much political influence, she was a successful businesswoman in her many estates and protected foreign Protestant non- Lutherans from oppression.

  5. Sophie Hedevig, 1696 Porcelain figures Queen Charlotte Amalie in a Triumphal Carriage Charlotte Amalie Christian V., ca. 1690 Christian V's Crown Christian V, ca. 1690 Christian V, 1681 Christian V with His Half-Brother, c. 1671 Charlotte Amalie, 1680

  6. Princess Charlotte was a significant figure in her time. She was one of the leading ladies in the country, and when her brother Christian VIII became king in 1839, she was close to the throne. She played an important role in the succession crisis in Denmark in the first half of the 19th century.

  7. Charlotte Amalie (1706–1782) Danish princess. Name variations: Charlotte Amalie Oldenburg. Born on October 6, 1706; died on October 28, 1782; daughter of Louise of Mecklenburg-Gustrow (1667–1721) and Frederick IV (1671–1730), king of Denmark and Norway (r. 1699–1730).