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  1. Amalia Frederica Wilhelmina von Dyhrn Czettritz,Neuhaus, German heiress and philanthropist; Amalia of Cleves Princess of La Marck; Henriëtte Amalia Maria of Anhalt Dessau, Princess consort of Henry Casimir II of Nassau,Dietz; Amalia Ulman (b. 1989) Argentinian,Spanish artist; Amalia Emma Lola Yoo (b. 2002) American actress

  2. Princess Henriëtte Amalia of Anhalt-Dessau: 16 November 1683: Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange and Amalia of Solms-Braunfels: Ivan Sratsimir of Bulgaria: Anna of Wallachia: 1356: Basarab I of Wallachia and Doamna Margareta Prince Jean, Duke of Guise: Princess Isabelle of Orléans: 30 October 1899

  3. Princess Louise Auguste Leopold, Grand Duke of Baden ... Henriëtte Amalia of Anhalt-Dessau: 3. Princess Amalia of Nassau-Dietz: 14. Charles I, ...

  4. After Maurice threatened to legitimize his illegitimate children if he did not marry, Frederick Henry married his first cousin once removed Amalia of Solms-Braunfels in 1625. His illegitimate son by Margaretha Catharina Bruyns (1595–1625), Frederick Nassau de Zuylestein was born in 1624 before his marriage.

  5. General Info. The list below shows descent from William the Conqueror (see Descendants of William I of England for another list). Many of the people have more than one path to William, but this is mostly just showing one (ideally the shortest path).

  6. Princess Frederika Luise Wilhelmina of Orange-Nassau (The Hague, 28 November 1770 – The Hague, 15 October 1819), married in The Hague on 14 October 1790 Karl, Hereditary Prince of Braunschweig (London, 8 February 1766 – Antoinettenruh, 20 September 1806), a son of Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg and Princess Augusta of Great Britain, without issue.

  7. Princess Henriëtte Amalia of Anhalt-Dessau John William Friso ( Dutch : Johan Willem Friso ; 14 August 1687 – 14 July 1711) became the (titular) Prince of Orange in 1702. He was the Stadtholder of Friesland and Groningen in the Dutch Republic until his death by accidental drowning in the Hollands Diep in 1711.