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  1. Princess Hildegard of Bavaria (German: Hildegard Luise Charlotte Theresia Friederike von Bayern; 10 June 1825 – 2 April 1864) was the seventh child and fourth daughter of Ludwig I of Bavaria and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen

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    Princess is a regal rank and the feminine equivalent of prince (from Latin princeps, meaning principal citizen). Most often, the term has been used for the consort of a prince, or for the daughter of a king or prince.

  3. Friederike, Herzogin zu Mecklenburg [-Strelitz] (* 2.März 1778 im Alten Palais in Hannover; † 29. Juni 1841 ebenda; vollständiger Name: Friederike Luise Karoline Sophie Charlotte Alexandrine) war durch Geburt Herzogin zu Mecklenburg, durch Heirat Prinzessin von Preußen, Prinzessin zu Solms-Braunfels und Königin von Hannover

  4. 14/05/2021 · And though he did not marry Daphne in the show, in real life, he wed Princess Luise of Anhalt-Bernburg in 1817. They had two sons. As Bridgerton shows, Queen Charlotte truly did "discover" Mozart. King George III was the founder of the Royal Academy of the Arts, and he and Queen Charlotte bonded over their shared passion for music.

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    22/12/2020 · The members of this family bear the titles "Archduke (Archduchess) of Austria, Prince (Princess) of Hungary", and the style of "Imperial and Royal Highness". Descendants of morganatic marriages, other than those granted specific titles (e.g., the Grafen von Meran and the Princes von Altenburg and Hohenberg) generally bear the title "Graf (Gräfin) von Habsburg-[Lothringen]", or at least the ...

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