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  1. 23 de ene. de 2023 · The Hereditary Princess of Thurn and Taxis, oil on canvas by Carlo Restallino, Regensburg in 1800.Only with the predictable demise of the Imperial Reichspost, the German Mediatisations of 1803, the mediatization of the Princely House of Thurn and Taxis, and the loss of position of Post Master General in the time of Napoleon I of France, Therese …

    • Game Preparation
    • Overview
    • Playing The Game
    • Add A City Card to His Hand
    • Play A City Card from His Hand
    • Close and Score His Current Route
    • Game End and Scoring
    Put the mapin the middle of the table.
    Sort the 20 carriage cardsby colour and by length of the route.
    Stack the 30 bonus tiles face up on the corresponding fields of the map. In each stack place the tiles in ascending order, lowest on the bottom and highest on the top.
    Shuffle the 66 city cards. Deal 6 cards face up and place the remainder face down as a supply next to the map.

    Each player builds a postal system.To do so, each player tries to build an effective network of post offices (houses) in the cities on the map, acquire valuable carriages, and collect bonus tiles.They can get help from the postal officials.When a player acquires a number 7 carriage or has placed all his houses, the game is in its final round. When ...

    The starting player begins and the other players follow in clockwise order. The player on turn performs the following actions in the order shown: 1. The player mustadd a city card to his hand. 2. The player mustplay a city card from his hand. 3. The player may close and score his current route. Then the next player is on turn. In addition, the play...

    The city cards represent the cities on the map.The player mustadd one of 6 face-up city cards or the top card of the supply to his hand.After a face-up card is taken, it is immediately replaced with the topmost card of the supply.When the supply is exhausted, the discards are shuffled and become the new supply.

    The central element of the game is the construction of postal routes.The player mustplay a card from his hand to begin a new route or extend his current route.Playing a card adds the city on the card to his route. A route must be a single line with no branches.A player can have only one route at a time.He must discard or close his current route bef...

    The player may close and score his route if it contains at least 3 cities. To close and score a route the player: 1. places houses; 2. collects any bonus tiles earned; 3. acquires any new carriage earned; and 4. discards any cards in excess of three from his hand.

    When a player has acquired a number 7 carriage or has placed all his houses, the round is played to its end. Thus, the game continues until the player to the right of the starting player ends his turn. The player with most victory points wins.In case of a tie, the tied player who earned the "game end" bonus tile is the winner. If the player who ear...

  2. 12 de ene. de 2023 · 1812년 결혼 생활 3년 만에 남편 게오르크가 장티푸스로 세상을 떠나면서 예카테리나는 두 아들을 둔 과부가 되었다. 이후 친정인 러시아 로 돌아가 친정 식구들과 지내게 된다. 특히 큰오빠 알렉산드르 1세 는 가장 아끼는 여동생인 예카테리나를 데리고 유럽의 여러군데를 여행했다고 한다. 이후 영국 을 여행하면서 재혼 상대를 만나게 되는데 바로 뷔르템베르크 왕국 의 빌헬름 왕세자 였다. 빌헬름 왕세자의 새어머니가 조지 3세 의 장녀 프린세스 로열 샬럿 [6] 인 인연으로 아마 영국에서 만난 듯 하다. 빌헬름 왕세자도 예카테리나와 사촌 관계였으며 [7] 둘은 첫눈에 사랑에 빠졌다.

  3. 14 de ene. de 2023 · 1849년 남편 빌럼 2세 가 위독해지자 안나는 남편을 간호했는데, 결국 남편 빌럼 2세가 심장마비로 사망하자 그 모습을 본 안나는 매우 충격을 받았다. 안나는 며칠 간 남편의 시신 옆에 오래도록 무릎 꿇고 기도했다. 빌럼 2세는 사망하면서 많은 빚을 남겼다. 안나는 생활을 유지하기 위해 자신의 예술품 컬렉션 중 몇 개를 동생인 니콜라이 1세에게 팔아야 했다. 평생 편하지 않았던 네덜란드 궁에서 나온 후에 안나 왕대비는 몇 차례 러시아를 방문했다. 그러나 왜인지 러시아로 완전히 돌아가지 않고 네덜란드에서 여생을 살다 1865년 3월 1일에 헤이그에서 숨을 거두었다. 4. 가족관계 [편집] 4.1. 조상 [편집] 4.2.

  4. 21 de ene. de 2023 · Mr H.J.A.S. Wilson and Princess Maria Theresia von Thurn und Taxis. The engagement is announced between Hugo, son of Mr Kenneth Wilson, of East Chisenbury, Wiltshire, and Mrs Diana Wilson, of Battersea, London, and Maria Theresia, eldest daughter of.—Gloria, Princess von Thurn und Taxis, of Schloss St Emmeram, Regensburg, Germany.

  5. 23 de ene. de 2023 · Princess Marie-Auguste of Anhalt was born on 10 June 1898 as the daughter of the future Eduard, Duke of Anhalt and Princess Louise Charlotte of Saxe-Altenburg. She grew up mainly in Dessau with her three surviving siblings. Marie-Auguste married Prince Joachim of Prussia, the youngest son of Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, on 11 March 1916 in Berlin.