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  1. Richard Cromwell (nacido LeRoy Melvin Radabaugh; Long Beach, California, 8 de enero de 1910 - Hollywood, 11 de octubre de 1960) fue un actor cinematográfico estadounidense. Su verdadero nombre era LeRoy Melvin Radabaugh, y profesionalmente también fue conocido como Dick Cromwell.

    King of Jazz
    Cromwell aparece en el número Song of the ...
    Tol'able David
    Dirigida por John Blystone, y ...
    Fifty Fathoms Deep
    Primero de varios emparejamientos con ...
    Shanghaied Love
    Tercera interpretación para Columbia, ...
  2. Richard Cromwell, (Huntingdon, el 4 de octubre de 1626 - Cheshunt el 12 de julio de 1712).Hijo de Oliver Cromwell, a la muerte de su padre se convirtió en Lord Protector de Inglaterra, Escocia e Irlanda, cargo que ocupó del 3 de septiembre de 1658 al 25 de mayo de 1659.

    • Overview
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    • Lord Protector (1658–59)
    • Later years (1659–1712)

    Richard Cromwell was an English statesman who was the second and last Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland and son of the first Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell. On his father's death in 1658 Richard became Lord Protector, but lacked authority. He tried to mediate between the army and civil society and allowed a Parliament containing many disaffected Presbyterians and Royalists to sit. Suspicions that civilian councillors were intent on supplanting the army were bro

    Cromwell was born in Huntingdon on 4 October 1626, the third son of Oliver Cromwell and his wife Elizabeth. Little is known of his childhood. He and his three brothers were educated at Felsted School in Essex close to their mother's family home. There is no record of his attending university. In May 1647, he became a member of Lincoln's Inn. He may have served as a captain in Thomas Fairfax's lifeguard during the late 1640s, but the evidence is inconclusive. In 1649 Cromwell married Dorothy Maij

    Oliver Cromwell had risen from being an unknown member of Parliament in his forties to being a commander of the New Model Army, which emerged victorious from the English Civil War. When he returned from a final campaign in Ireland, Oliver Cromwell became disillusioned at inconclusive debates in the Rump Parliament between Presbyterians and other schools of thought within Protestantism. Parliamentarian suspicion of anything smacking of Catholicism, which was strongly associated with the Royalist

    In 1653, Richard Cromwell was passed over as a member of Barebone's Parliament, although his younger brother Henry was a member of it. Neither was he given any public role when his father was made Lord Protector in the same year; however, he was elected to the First Protectorate Parliament as M.P. for Huntingdon and the Second Protectorate Parliament as M.P. for Cambridge University. Under the Protectorate's constitution, Oliver Cromwell was required to nominate a successor, and from 1657 he inv

    Oliver Cromwell died on 3 September 1658, and Richard was informed on the same day that he was to succeed him. Some controversy surrounds the succession. A letter by John Thurloe suggests that Cromwell nominated his son orally on 30 August, but other theories claim either that he nominated no successor, or that he put forward Charles Fleetwood, his son-in-law. Richard was faced by two immediate problems. The first was the army, which questioned his position as commander given his lack of militar

    During the political difficulties of the winter of 1659, there were rumours that Cromwell was to be recalled as Protector, but these came to nothing. In July 1660, Cromwell left for France, never to see his wife again. While there, he went by a variety of pseudonyms, including John Clarke. He later travelled around Europe, visiting various European courts. As a visiting Englishman, he was once invited to dine with Armand de Bourbon, Prince of Conti, who was unaware of who he was. At dinner, the

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    Richard Cromwell also known as Roy Radabaugh, was an American actor. His career was at its pinnacle with his work in Jezebel with Bette Davis and Henry Fonda and again with Fonda in John Ford's Young Mr. Lincoln. Cromwell's fame was perhaps first assured in The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, sharing top billing with Gary Cooper and Franchot Tone. That film was the first major effort directed by Henry Hathaway and it was based upon the popular novel by Francis Yeats-Brown. The Lives of a Bengal Lancer

    Cromwell was born LeRoy Melvin Radabaugh in Long Beach, California, the second of five children, to his mother Fay B. and his father, Ralph R. Radabaugh, who was an inventor. In 1918, when Radabaugh was still in grade school, his father died suddenly, one of the millions of people who perished during the "Spanish flu" pandemic. Radabaugh enrolled as a teenager in the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles on a scholarship. He ran a shop in Hollywood where he sold pictures, made lampshades, and d

    Still known as "Roy Radabaugh", he had just two days in film extra work on the side, and can be seen in King of Jazz, along with the film's star, Paul Whiteman and his orchestra. On a whim, friends encouraged Roy to audition in 1930 for the remake of the Richard Barthelmess silent: Tol'able David. Radabaugh won the role over thousands of hopefuls, and in storybook fashion, Harry Cohn gave him his screen name and launched his career. Cromwell earned $75 per week for his work on Tol'able David. No

    Back in California for good, Cromwell was married once, briefly, to actress Angela Lansbury, when she was 19 and Cromwell was 35. Cromwell and Lansbury eloped and were married in a small civil ceremony on September 27, 1945, in Independence, California. In her authorized biography, Balancing Act, Lansbury recounts her life with Cromwell, as well as the couple's close friendship with Zachary Scott and his first wife, Elaine. Lansbury and Cromwell have stars within walking distance of each other o

    In July 1960, Cromwell signed with producer Maury Dexter for 20th Century Fox's planned production of The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, co-starring Jimmie Rodgers, Bob Dix, and Neil Hamilton who replaced Cromwell in the film. Cromwell became ill and died on October 11, 1960 in Hollywood of liver cancer, at the age of 50. He is interred at Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana, California. Cromwell's legacy is preserved today by his nephew Dan Putnam, and his cousin Bill Keane IV, both of the C

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    This article is about the American actor Richard Cromwell. For the British ruler of the 17th century of the same name, see Richard Cromwell. Template:Infobox actor Richard Cromwell (January 8, 1910 - October 11, 1960) was an American actor, born LeRoy Melvin Radabaugh. His family and friends called him Roy, though he was also professionally known and signed autographs as Dick Cromwell. Cromwell was best known for his work in Jezebel (1938) with Bette Davis and Henry Fonda and in The Lives of a B...

    Early life Cromwell was born in Long Beach, California on January 8, 1910, the second-born in a family of five children. His father Ralph R. Radabaugh, an inventor, died suddenly from influenza during the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918, when Cromwell was still in grade school. While helping his young widowed mother, Fay B. Stocking Radabaugh, to support the family with odd-jobs, Cromwell enrolled as a teenager in the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles on a scholarship. As Cromwell developed hi...

    Cromwell's height was 5 feet, 10 inches, according to 1932's Picture Show Annual (Amalgamated Press, London). Cromwell was a gourmet cook. According to Kim King, of Carlsbad, California, many a wonderful dinner party was enjoyed by her parents Mr. and Mrs. King in the 1950s at Cromwell's home. For example, once in particular, The Kings enjoyed Roy's specially prepared delicacy of Frogs' Legs in the French-style. According to his niece, Joan Radabaugh, Cromwell was a very heavy smoker, which may...

  3. 02/12/2020 · Richard Cromwell, Lord Protector. After the execution of King Charles I in 1649, the nation embarked upon a new form of governance, a republic under the watchful eye of Oliver Cromwell. This Commonwealth experiment was to last only until 1660, when, under Oliver Cromwell’s son, Richard, the republic crumbled and the monarchy restored.

  4. 07/03/2014 · Richard Cromwell, un caso único en la historia de Gran Bretaña. Richard era hijo de Oliver Cromwell, una de las figuras históricas más prominentes de Inglaterra que lideró un proceso sin precedentes en su país que concluyó no sólo con la destitución de un monarca ungido y coronado, sino incluso con su ejecución.

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