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  1. Richard Nixon's jowly, beard-shadowed face, the ski-jump nose and the widow's peak, the arms upstretched in the V-sign, had been so often pictured and caricatured, his presence had become such a familiar one in the land, he had been so often in the heat of controversy, that it was hard to realize the nation really would not "have Nixon to kick around anymore".

  2. The Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is proud to announce the return of the Becoming America: How We Gained and Secured Freedom and Self-Government lecture series! In this three-part lecture series, we will reflect on our history as a nation with an overview of our founding documents.

  3. Richard Milhous Nixon (ur. 9 stycznia 1913 w Yorba Linda, zm. 22 kwietnia 1994 w Nowym Jorku) – amerykański polityk i prawnik, 37. prezydent Stanów Zjednoczonych, ...

  4. From his boyhood in Orange County to life in the White House, tour the Richard Nixon Library & Museum detailing the life and times of Richard Nixon.

  5. 29/12/2018 · Richard Nixon to David Frost before a 1977 interview "You don't know how to lie. If you can't lie, you'll never go anywhere." —President Richard Nixon, giving advice to a political associate "I was not lying. I said things that later on seemed to be untrue." —President Richard Nixon, reflecting on the Watergate scandal in 1978

  6. Richard Milhous Nixon is one of the most fascinating political figures of the 20th Century. His long political career began in 1947 when he was elected to the House of Representatives. By 1952, Nixon had been chosen as Dwight Eisenhower’s vice-presidential running mate, but not before he was embroiled in a scandal that led to the infamous Checkers Speech.

  7. 09/11/2019 · Richard Milhous Nixon (1913 – 1994) served as the 37th President of the United States from 1969 to 1974. During the Second World War, Nixon served in the U.S Naval Reserve and, prior to becoming president, he served as a Senator from California and then as Vice President during the Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1953 to 1961.

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