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    The Dukedom of Albany is a peerage title that was bestowed on some younger sons in the Scottish and later the British royal family, particularly in the House of Stuart. Robert II's third son was Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany, who was Regent of Scotland during part of the reigns of his father, brother, and nephew James I of Scotland.

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  3. Sambor II (Duke) of EASTERN POMERANIA (LUBSCHAU) (1206? - 1278) ; Duke des KASSOUBES (of Kassuben); Duke of TCZEW KASTEL Mabli (Heiress) CASTELL ; aka Mabel KASTEL

  4. The loss of the little Duke of Valois affected Henrietta greatly. She gave birth to a stillborn daughter in July 1665, [24] but another daughter was born in 1669 who was baptised Anne Marie in 1670. In 1666, her husband's most prominent alleged lover, the Chevalier de Lorraine , became attached to the Orléans household. [25]

  5. Walter Stewart, Earl of Atholl, Strathearn and Caithness (c. 1360 – 26 March 1437) was a Scottish nobleman, the son of Robert II of Scotland.Stewart advocated for the ransom and return to Scotland of the future king in exile, James I, in 1424.

  6. Stammliste der schottischen Adelsfamilie Stewart.. Die Hauptlinie der Familie stellte ab Robert II. von 1370 bis 1587 die schottischen Könige.Nachdem mit dem Tod Jakobs V. 1542 die Nachkommenlinie Roberts II. im Mannesstamm erlosch, fiel die schottische Krone an dessen Tochter Maria Stuart und bei deren Tod, 1587, an deren Sohn aus ihrer zweiten Ehe mit Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, Jakob VI ...

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