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  1. Hace 1 día · The Russian Empire, also known as Imperial Russia or simply Russia, was a vast realm that spanned most of northern Eurasia from its proclamation in November 1721 until its dissolution in March 1917.

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      Russia, or the Russian Federation, is a country spanning...

  2. Hace 4 días · Russian Empire, historical empire founded on November 2, 1721, when the Russian Senate conferred the title of emperor of all the Russias upon Peter I. It ended with the abdication of Nicholas II on March 15, 1917. Learn more about the history and significance of the Russian Empire in this article.

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  3. Hace 1 día · The Russian Civil War [a] was a multi-party civil war in the former Russian Empire sparked by the overthrowing of the social-democratic Russian Provisional Government in the October Revolution, as many factions vied to determine Russia's political future.

  4. Hace 3 días · List of largest empires. The (red) and (blue) were the largest and second-largest empires in history, respectively. The precise extent of the Mongol Empire at its greatest territorial expansion is a matter of debate among scholars.

  5. Hace 1 día · Home Geography & Travel Countries of the World. Russia. Also known as: Rossija, Rossiya, Rossiyskaya Federatsiya, Russian Federation, Russian S.F.S.R., Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic. Written by. Richard Hellie. Professor of Russian History, University of Chicago. Author of Slavery in Russia, 1450–1725. Richard Hellie,