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  1. Hace 6 días · Schleswig-Holstein ( pronounced [ˌʃleːsvɪç ˈhɔlʃtaɪn] ⓘ; Danish: Slesvig-Holsten [ˌsle̝ːsvi ˈhʌlˌste̝ˀn]; Low German: Sleswig-Holsteen; North Frisian: Slaswik-Holstiinj; English: Sleswick-Holsatia [5]) is the northernmost of the 16 states of Germany, comprising most of the historical Duchy of Holstein and the southern part of the former Duchy of...

  2. 10 de jun. de 2024 · The House of Oldenburg is an ancient dynasty of German origin whose members rule or have ruled in Denmark, Iceland, Greece, Norway, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Livonia, Schleswig, Holstein, and Oldenburg.

  3. 11 de jun. de 2024 · German-Danish War, (1864), the second of two conflicts over the settlement of the Schleswig-Holstein question, a complex of problems arising from the relationship of the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein to Denmark, to each other, and to the German Confederation. Involved in it were a disputed.

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    Hace 6 días · Germany, [e] officially the Federal Republic of Germany ( FRG ), [f] is a country in Central Europe. It is the second-most populous country in Europe after Russia [g] and the most populous member state of the European Union. Germany lies between the Baltic and North Sea to the north and the Alps to the south.

  5. 12 de jun. de 2024 · El pan, del latín panis, es un alimento básico de la dieta humana que se suele preparar mediante el horneado de una masa, elaborada fundamentalmente con harina de cereal, agua y sal. La mezcla, en la mayoría de las ocasiones, suele contener levaduras para que se fermente la masa y sea más esponjosa y tierna. 1 .

  6. Hace 5 días · 7,255 subdistricts ( tambons ) 74,944 villages ( muban) Community associations ( chum-chon ) Municipalities ( thesaban) of 3 types take some responsibilities of districts and subdistricts [f] Pattaya special administrative area. Bangkok special administrative area. 50 districts ( khet ) 180 subdistricts ( kwaeng )

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    Hace 6 días · Saxony is the tenth largest of Germany's sixteen states, with an area of 18,413 square kilometres (7,109 sq mi), and the sixth most populous, with more than 4 million inhabitants. The term Saxony has been in use for more than a millennium.