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  1. Prince Sergei Platonovich Obolensky Neledinsky-Meletzky (November 3, 1890 – September 29, 1978), known as Serge Obolensky, was a Russian-born aristocrat then American citizen, U.S. Army colonel, socialite and publicist. He served as vice chairman of the board of directors of the Hilton Hotels Corporation.

  2. Follow Russia Beyond on Rumble. Prince Serge Obolensky became a U.S. commando at the age of 53 and single-handedly liberated Sardinia from thousands of enemy troops during World War II. Under...

  3. It acquired a spray of bullet holes when the Reds shot up Catherine's palace in Yalta. Then it was displayed with the inscription, "Serge Obolensky, Wanted, Dead or Alive", until Sorine bribed a guard with three roubles to let him take down the sketch and then smuggled it out of Russia.

  4. 30 de mar. de 2023 · American Military History. How A Russian Prince Became a US Paratrooper and Liberated Sardinia in World War II. An early sketch of Serge Obolensky from the cover of his book, "One Man in His...

  5. 24 de mar. de 2020 · The life of the Russian aristocrat, Prince Sergei (Serge) Obolensky, was full of rises and falls, deprivations, great financial success, and military exploits. During the First World War he was awarded the highest medals for personal courage; later, the Bolsheviks hunted him.

  6. 16 de ene. de 2021 · Serge Obolensky. 4.46. 13 ratings4 reviews. Few men lived lives larger than Serge Obolensky. Born to one of Imperial Russia's great aristocratic families, Serge had an idyllic childhood growing up at a time when his country seemed poised for an economic boom at the start of the 20th century.

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    Serge Obolensky (1890–1978), Sergei Platonovich "Serge" Obolensky (born at Tsarskoye Selo ), was a Russian Prince; 1st husband of Ava Alice Muriel Astor (1902–1956) (daughter of John Jacob Astor IV (1864–1912) of the Astor family and Ava Lowle Willing (1868–1958)), and son of Platon Sergeyevich Obolensky and Marie Narishkin, he was Vice Chairman...