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  1. Sibylle Elisabeth of Württemberg (10 April 1584 - 20 January 1606), was a German Princess member of the House of Württemberg and by marriage Duchess of Saxony. Born in Mömpelgard, she was the third of fifteen children born from the marriage of Duke Frederick I of Württemberg and Sibylla, daughter of Prince Joachim Ernest, Prince ...

  2. Sibylle Elizabeth of Wurttemberg (1584–1606) Electress of Saxony. Born on April 10, 1584; died on January 20, 1606; daughter of Sibylle of Anhalt (1564–1614) and Frederick, duke of Wurttemberg-Mompelga; sister of Louis Frederick (b. 1586), duke of Wurttemberg; married John George I, elector of Saxony, on September 16, 1604.

  3. Sibylle Elisabeth (Sibylle Elisabeth) "Prinzessin von Württemberg, Herzogin von Sachsen" Sachsen formerly Württemberg aka von Württemberg, von Sachsen. Born 10 Apr 1584 in Mömpelgard. Ancestors. Daughter of Friedrich (Württemberg) von Württemberg and Sibylle (Anhalt) von Anhalt.

  4. Sibylla Elisabeth von Württemberg (* 10. April 1584 in Mömpelgard ; † 20. Januar 1606 in Dresden ) war eine Prinzessin von Württemberg und durch Heirat Herzogin von Sachsen .

  5. Engraving of the tomb of Sibylle Elisabeth of Württemberg, Electress of Saxony. Whole length effigy with headdress and gown, and holding a small volume in hands. Surrounded by a border of ornaments with German inscription below.

  6. Sibylle Sibylle Elisabeth Elisabeth Prinzessin von Württemberg, Herzogin von Sachsen Sachsen (Württemberg) aka von Württemberg, von Sachsen (10 Apr 1584 - 20 Jan 1606) 0 references Sitelinks

  7. Friedrich I. von Württemberg; Herzog von Württemberg; Nacido el 19 de agosto 1557; Fallecido el 29 de enero 1608 50 años