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  1. Robert Walpole, 1.° conde de Orford ( Houghton, Norfolk, 1676 - † Londres, 1745 ), conocido entre 1725 y 1742 como Sir Robert Walpole, fue un destacado político inglés, considerado de facto como el primer primer ministro del Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña. Ocupó el poder durante casi 21 años, desde 1721 hasta 1742. 1 Índice 1 Biografía

  2. Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford, KG PC (26 August 1676 – 18 March 1745; known between 1725 and 1742 as Sir Robert Walpole) was a British statesman and Whig politician who is generally regarded as the de facto first Prime Minister of Great Britain .

  3. 18/08/2020 · Sir Robert Walpole Whig 1721 to 1742 “My Lord Bath, you and I are now as insignificant men as any in England.” Born 26 August 1676, Houghton Hall, Norfolk Died 18 March 1745, Arlington Street,...

  4. 04/09/2018 · Walpole was born in Houghton, Norfolk, the son of Robert Walpole senior, a Whig politician who served in the House of Commons, and his wife, Mary Walpole, a member of the gentry, daughter of Sir Geoffrey Burwell of Rougham. He came from a high ranking, important family with political links that would prove vital for his future career.

  5. 08/05/2022 · v w x y z Sir Robert Walpole by Arthur Pond © Walpole was a British Whig statesman, considered to the first holder of the office of prime minister, who dominated politics in the reigns of George I...

  6. 14/03/2022 · Robert Walpole, 1st earl of Orford, also called (1725–42) Sir Robert Walpole, (born August 26, 1676, Houghton Hall, Norfolk, England—died March 18, 1745, London), British statesman (in power 1721–42), generally regarded as the first British prime minister.

  7. Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Walpole KCB (1 December 1808 – 12 July 1876) was a British Army officer. Contents 1 Early life and education 2 Career 2.1 Capture of Lucknow 2.2 After Lucknow 2.3 Later life 3 Personal life 4 References Early life and education