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  1. Sophie was a daughter of the Margrave George of Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmbach (1484–1543) from his third marriage to Emilie of Saxony (1516–1591), daughter of the Duke Henry IV of Saxony. She married on 11 November 1560 in Legnica Duke Henry XI of Legnica (1539–1588). The marriage served to consolidate Sophie's father's position as Duke in Silesia.

  2. Sophie of Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmbach (10 March 1485, Ansbach – 24 May 1537, Liegnitz ( Legnica )) was a princess of Brandenburg-Ansbach and was by marriage Duchess of Legnica . The Renaissance portal of Piast Castle in Legnica with the busts of Duke Frederick and his wife Sophie Contents 1 Life 2 Offspring 3 Literature 4 References Life [ edit]

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    Sophie was born at Zechlin castle, Rheinsberg, a daughter of the Elector of Brandenburg John George (1525–1598) by his second marriage with Sabina of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1548–1575), daughter of Margrave Georgeof Brandenburg-Ansbach. On 25 April 1582 in Dresden, Sophie married Elector Christian Iof Saxony (1560–1591). Sophie was 14 years old at her...

    Sophie had the following children: 1. Christian II(b. Dresden, 23 September 1583 – d. Dresden, 23 June 1611), successor of his father as elector. 2. John George I(b. Dresden, 5 March 1585 – d. Dresden, 8 October 1656), successor of his brother as elector. 3. Anna Sabine (b. Dresden, 25 January 1586 – d. Dresden, 24 March 1586). 4. Sophie (b. Dresde...

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  3. Sophia of Brandenburg-Ansbach Sophie of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1614–1646) was a German noblewoman of the house of Brandenburg-Ansbach . Life [ edit] She was the eldest child of Sophie of Solms-Laubach and her husband Joachim Ernst, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach.

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    In 1468, Sophia was first betrothed to Archduke Maximilian of Austria, son and heir of Emperor Frederick III. Then, on 8 April of the same year, Protas Černohorský z Boskovic, Bishop of Olomouc, appeared as a representative of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, asking the hand of Sophia, although soon Matthias preferred the hand of Sophia's elder sister, Hedwig. A marriage to Maximilian seemed more likely for Sophia, mostly because she and her sisters were all attractive brides for European n...

    Marriage with Frederick of Brandenburg

    It's unknown when exactly started the negotiations for a marriage between Sophia and Prince Frederick of Brandeburg, son of Elector Albrecht III Achilles. There is a presumption that the idea could emerged in the summer of 1470, when Polish deputies Dziersław z Rytwian and Stanisław Ostroróg visited Brandenburg. In 1473 the Polish royal representatives Paweł Jasieński (starost of Chełm and Belz) and Stanisław Kurozwęcki led the negotiations for the marriage between Sophia and Frederick, which...

    Sophia as Margravine of Brandenburg-Ansbach

    On 11 March 1486, Sophia's father-in-law Albrecht III Achilles died. Her husband Frederick and brother-in-law Siegmund inherited the Franconian domains of the Hohenzollern dynasty. Siegmund took Kulmbach, while Frederick received Ansbach. Sophia thus became in the Margravine consort of Ansbach. Shortly after, they received in their domains the visit of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III. During all this time, a continuing problem was the payment of Sophia's dowry. In 1489, Sophia's brother Vlad...

    Sophia and Frederick had: 1. Elisabeth of Brandenburg-Ansbach (30 June 1480 – ca. 2 July 1480). 2. Casimir, Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach(27 September 1481 – 21 September 1527). 3. Margaret of Brandenburg-Ansbach (10 January 1483 – 10 July 1532). 4. George, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach(4 March 1484 – 27 December 1543). 5. Sophia of Brandenbur...

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  4. 01/11/2018 · Sophie of Brandenburg-Ansbach (23 March 1535, Ansbach – 22 February 1587, Legnica) was a princess of Brandenburg-Ansbach and by marriage Duchess of Legnica. Life Sophie was a daughter of the Margrave George of Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmbach (1484–1543) from his third marriage to Emilie of Saxony (1516–1591), daughter of the Duke Henry IV of Saxony.

  5. 25/11/2021 · Sophie of Brandenburg-Ansbach is a 22 February 1587 nationality. She was born and raised in Ansbach, 22 February 1587, during 1535. The birth date of Sophie of Brandenburg-Ansbach is March 23.