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  1. Sub-lieutenant is usually a junior officer rank, used in armies, navies and air forces. In most armies, sub-lieutenant is the lowest commissioned officer rank. However, in Brazil, it is the highest non-commissioned rank , and in Spain, it is the second highest non-commissioned rank.

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    In Portugal, sub-lieutenant is the rank of a junior naval officer graduated from a civil university or promoted from a NCO rank, while the equivalent rank of an officer graduated in the naval academy is designated midshipman.

  3. Second lieutenant is a junior commissioned officer military rank in many armed forces. The lowest officer rank, it is usually placed below lieutenant or first lieutenant . Australia. The rank of second lieutenant existed in the military forces of the Australian colonies and Australian Army until 1986.

  4. sub-lieutenant (plural sub-lieutenants) (military, navy) A commissioned officer of the navy whose rank is immediately below that of a lieutenant. A commissioned officer of the Royal Navy ranking above a midshipman and below a lieutenant.

  5. Sub-lieutenant is a military rank. It is normally a junior officer rank. In many navies, a sub-lieutenant is a naval commissioned or subordinate officer, ranking below a lieutenant. In the Royal Navy (RN) the rank of sub-lieutenant is equivalent to the rank of lieutenant in the British Army and...

  6. 9 de abr. de 2021 · noun. sub· lieu· ten· ant ˌsəb-lü-ˈte-nənt. British -le (f)-ˈte- : a commissioned officer in the British navy ranking immediately below lieutenant. Examples of sublieutenant in a Sentence.

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