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  1. The name of Bolesław's and Emnilda's third daughter, who was born in 995, is unknown; she married Sviatopolk I of Kiev between 1005 and 1012. Bolesław's youngest son, Otto, was born in 1000. Bolesław's fourth marriage, from 1018 until his death, was to Oda (c. 995 – 1025), daughter of Margrave Eckard I of Meissen.

  2. Francis Dvornik, « La Russie de Kiev » dans le livre : Les Slaves : histoire et civilisation, de l'Antiquité aux débuts de l'Époque contemporaine, Paris, Seuil, 1970, p. 171-228. Vladimir Volkoff , Vladimir, le Soleil rouge (traduit de l'anglais par Gérard Joulié), Julliard et L'Âge d'Homme, Paris et Lausanne, 1981, 410 p.

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    After Igor's death in 945, Olga ruled Kievan Rus' as regent on behalf of their son Sviatoslav. She was the first woman to rule Kievan Rus'. Little is known about Olga's tenure as ruler of Kiev, but the Primary Chronicle does give an account of her accession to the throne and her bloody revenge on the Drevlians for the murder of her husband as well as some insight into her role as civil leader ...

  4. Sviatopolk II - Olena Tugorkhan of the Kypchaks - 1094 - - - - Gytha of Wessex: Harold Godwinson King of England (House of Godwin) c. 1053/1061 - - - 1098 or 1107 Vladimir II - Eufimia Byzantine noblewoman - - - - 1107 - Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden: Inge the Elder King of Sweden - 1090-1096 She was his consort before he became Grand Prince ...

  5. The Golden Gate of Kyiv (Ukrainian: Золоті ворота, Zoloti vorota) was the main gate in the 11th century fortifications of Kiev (today Kyiv), the capital of Kievan Rus'. It was named in imitation of the Golden Gate of Constantinople. The structure was dismantled in the Middle Ages, leaving few vestiges of its existence.

  6. By 1496, the monastery's fortunes had revived. Its name was changed from St. Demetrius's Monastery to St. Michael's, after the cathedral church built by Sviatopolk II. Restoration and subsequent patronage. After being restored and enlarged during the 16th century, the monastery became one of the most popular and wealthiest in Ukraine.

  7. Mstislav I Vladimirovich Monomakh (Russian: Мстислав Владимирович Великий, Ukrainian: Мстислав Володимирович Великий; February, 1076 – April 14, 1132), also known as Mstislav the Great, was the Grand Prince of Kiev (1125–1132), the eldest son of Vladimir II Monomakh by Gytha of Wessex.