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  1. Origins. The earliest members of the Visconti lineage appeared in Milan in the second half of the 11th century. The first evidence is on October 5, 1075, when Ariprando Visconti and his son Ottone ("Ariprandus Vicecomes", "Otto Vicecomes filius Ariprandi") attended and signed together some legal documents in Milan.

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  5. Albrecht von Brandenburg, genannt Albrecht Achilles (* 9.November 1414 in Tangermünde; † 11. März 1486 in Frankfurt am Main), aus dem Haus Hohenzollern, war als Albrecht I. ab 1440 Markgraf zu Ansbach und ab 1464 Kulmbach sowie später als Albrecht III.

  6. Sigismund (26 October 1427 – 4 March 1496), a member of the House of Habsburg, was Duke of Austria from 1439 (elevated to Archduke in 1477) until his death. As a scion of the Habsburg Leopoldian line, he ruled over Further Austria and the County of Tyrol from 1446 until his resignation in 1490.

  7. Bernabò Visconti (1319-1385) ∞ 1350 Beatrice della Scala (-1384) Grootouders: Karel V van Frankrijk (1338-1380) ∞ 1350 Johanna van Bourbon (1337-1378) Stefanus III van Beieren (1337-1413) ∞ 1364 Taddea Visconti (1351-1381) Ouders: Karel VI van Frankrijk (1368-1422) ∞ 1385 Isabella van Beieren (1371-1435)