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  1. 19 de mar. de 2001 · Tales from the Tower: Directed by Robin Bextor, Paul Bryers. With Dallas Campbell, Marc Bolton, Anthony Straeger, Joseph C. Sullivan. England's infamous Tower of London is showcased, and a history of its uses, including a prison, torture chamber and repository for the royal jewels.

  2. The Tower is a system of floating landmasses of varying size which are linked through narrow platforms. It serves to connect the four Realms: Heled, that is Earth; Raquia, the Realm of Spirit; Arqua, the place of Divinity; and Sheol, the abode of Hell.

  3. Welcome, Traveller. Combine the face with the soul and choose your destination. Analysis. Cultural References • Inspirations • Mythology • Numerology • Theology • Timeline • Topography • Tropes. Concepts & Themes.

  4. For a more detailed look at the various creatures we encounter throughout the game, please refer to the separate article page. A green creature, first encountered after opening the sarcophagus in the Study, before entering Hawk's prison. Additionally, there's one in the basement of Charles...

  5. 1 de ene. de 2004 · Tales from the Tower is the factual history of the great building itself told through the true stories of the people, royal and common, good and bad, heroes and villains, who lived and died there.

    • Digby Diehl, Mark P. Donnelly
  6. 23 de nov. de 2022 · After the Red War, Atrius must repopulate its war torn Outer Districts. Follow one couple's journey as they move into The Tower. Credits: Written by K,A. Statz Produced, Edit, with Sound Design...

  7. 4 de jul. de 2014 · A transcript of the Tales from the Tower (2001) video production, the section dealing with German spy, Josef Jakobs.