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  1. 20/06/2021 · A group of high schoolers contend with a friend’s demonic possession in this 1980s-set horror-comedy. By Calum Marsh Walter Hill’s lean, mean shoot-’em-up is a master class in B-movie craft ...

  2. He secretly copies the firm's billing records with help from Tammy, but needs files from Avery's house in the Caymans. Avery invites Abby to come with him to the Caymans and she declines, but he reveals his Caymans schedule has changed, threatening Mitch's plans. Telling Tammy not to inform Mitch, Abby flies to the Caymans to seduce and drug Avery.

  3. Mytyl awakes as a kinder and gentler girl who has learned to appreciate her home and family. The following morning, Father receives word that a truce has been declared and he no longer must fight in the war. Mytyl is inspired to give the unique bird, now revealed to be the eponymous Blue Bird that she had sought throughout her journey, to Angela.