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  1. Cyborg Superman arrives at the Fortress of Solitude demanding to know about the "Medusa" project. Meanwhile, J'onn begins having hallucinations about White Martians in the DEO. She warns him about the transfusion and reveals that White Martians figured out how to weaponize their blood; if it is in a Green Martian, they become a White Martian, which is happening to J'onn.

  2. Τα τελευταία νέα διατίθενται ως δωρεάν βίντεο κατά &pi ...

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    Etymology. The Greek word kentauros is generally regarded as being of obscure origin. The etymology from ken + tauros, 'piercing bull', was a euhemerist suggestion in Palaephatus' rationalizing text on Greek mythology, On Incredible Tales (Περὶ ἀπίστων), which included mounted archers from a village called Nephele eliminating a herd of bulls that were the scourge of Ixion's kingdom.

  4. Super Castlevania IV (悪魔城ドラキュラ, Akumajō Dracula?) is an action-adventure platformer game developed and published by Konami. It is the eighth entry in the Castlevania series, and the first of two Castlevania games released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System console. In Japan, the game is simply known as Akumajō Dracula - this title was chosen in order to signify a ...

  5. Prime Exklusive Angebote ist Amazons neues Shopping-Event mit zwei Tagen voller Angebote exklusiv für Prime-Mitglieder.

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    Ariadne (/ ˌ ær i ˈ æ d n i /; Greek: Ἀριάδνη; Latin: Ariadne) was a Cretan princess in Greek mythology.She was mostly associated with mazes and labyrinths because of her involvement in the myths of the Minotaur and Theseus.

  7. Tumnus asks Edmund whether Lucy is safe, which Edmund does not know. Then an angry Jadis storms in, saying that her police have torn the beaver house apart and found nothing. Lifting Edmund off his feet, she glares at him angrily--and if she didn't look like Medusa at their first meeting, she definitely does now.