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  2. Iskander Mirza is thus widely held responsible for the instability that brought the active role of Pakistan armed forces into politics. [2] By the 1950s, Mirza had moved his personal wealth to Pakistan which was confiscated by the Government of Pakistan when he was exiled, and it was reported by Hindustan Times in 2016, that his family estate in Murshidabad, West Bengal, was left in ruins.

  3. However, the power vacuum he left in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent directly gave rise to one of the most powerful Indian dynasties in history, the Maurya Empire. Taking advantage of this power vacuum, Chandragupta Maurya (referred to in Greek sources as "Sandrokottos"), of relatively humble origin, took control of the Punjab , and with that power base proceeded to conquer the Nanda ...

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    Despite defeating Iskander, twice in 1420–21 and 1429, only in the third expedition of Shahrukh Mirza in 1434–35 did the Timurids succeed, when he entrusted the government to Iskander's own brother, Jahan Shah (1436-1467) as his vassal. In 1436 he obtained the help of Shah Rukh to defeat Iskander and seize the throne for himself.

  5. 07/10/2022 · transcript. What Are Tactical Nuclear Weapons, and What if Russia Uses Them? President Vladimir V. Putin has threatened to fire a particular kind of arm in Ukraine.

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  7. In 1991, the United States and the Soviet Union agreed in the START I treaty to reduce their deployed ICBMs and attributed warheads.. As of 2016, all five of the nations with permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council have operational long-range ballistic missile systems; Russia, the United States, and China also have land-based ICBMs (the US missiles are silo-based, while China ...