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  1. Thomas Francis Anson, 3rd Earl of Lichfield (1856–1918) Thomas Edward Anson, 4th Earl of Lichfield (1883–1960) Thomas William Arnold Anson, Viscount Anson (1913–1958) Thomas Patrick John Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield (1939–2005) Thomas William Robert Hugh Anson, 6th Earl of Lichfield (b. 1978) m.

  2. Research revealed the contemporary birth of an Arnold Nesbit Matthews to William Richard Matthews and his wife Anne at Down Ampney, Gloucestershire, which in conjunction with the Rev. Arnold Mathew's father and grandfather having originally been named 'Matthews' rather than 'Mathew', has been considered to cast sufficient doubt on the claim to descent from the Earls Landaff as to render it ...

  3. Campbell, Thomas J. (Thomas Joseph), 1848-1925 ¶ The Jesuits, 1534-1921 A History of the Society of Jesus from Its Foundation to the Present Time (English) (as Author)

  4. Willème presented his invention to the Société française de photographie in May of 1861, but it was only after two more years, with financial backing and the forming of a corporation, that he was able to open a large studio at 42 Boulevard de l’Étoile.

  5. List of Street Names in St. Louis, Missouri, Maps and Street Views 1st Drive South; 1st Missouri Center; 1st Street; 3 Acres Lane; 3rd Avenue; 4 Winds Farm Drive