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  1. Ivan Ivanovich (Ива́н Иванович) (March 28, 1554 – November 19, 1581) was a Tsarevich (heir apparent) of Russia and the son of Ivan the Terrible, who killed him in a fit of rage. Contents

  2. As soon as he was born, Alexei was granted the title of tsarevich and heir apparent to the Imperial Throne of Russia. An official announcement read, "From now on, in accordance with the Fundamental Laws of the Empire, the Imperial title of Heir Tsarevich, and all the rights pertaining to it, belong to Our Son Alexei.".

  3. Grand Duke Alexei Petrovich of Russia (28 February 1690 – 26 June 1718) was a Russian Tsarevich. He was born in Moscow, the son of Tsar Peter I and his first wife, Eudoxia Lopukhina . Alexei despised his father and repeatedly thwarted Peter's plans to raise him as successor to the throne.

  4. Tsarevich Dmitry or Dmitri Ivanovich (Russian: Дмитрий Иванович, tr. Dmitrii Ivanovich; 19 October 1582 – 15 May 1591), also known as Dmitry of Uglich (Дмитрий Угличский, Uglichskii) or Dmitry of Moscow (Дмитрий Московский, Moskovskii), was a Russian tsarevich, the son of Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

  5. Ivan Ivanovich Okhlobystin (Russian: Ива́н Ива́нович Охлобы́стин; born 22 July 1966) is a Russian actor, director, screenwriter, and former Orthodox priest. He is currently defrocked by the ministry of the Russian Orthodox Church and barred from the priesthood.

  6. Ivan IV Vasilyevich (Russian: Ива́н Васи́льевич; 25 August 1530 – 28 March [O.S. 18 March] 1584), commonly known in English as Ivan the Terrible, was the grand prince of Moscow from 1533 to 1547 and the first Tsar of all Russia from 1547 to 1584. Ivan was the son of Vasili III, the Rurikid ruler of the Grand Duchy of Moscow.

  7. Ivan's successor is his feeble son, Fyodor I, who cares only for spiritual matters and leaves the affairs of state to his capable brother-in-law, boyar Boris Godunov. 1591 – Ivan's other son, the eight-year-old Tsarevich Dmitriy Ivanovich, dies under mysterious circumstances in Uglich .