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  1. 1) Turkan Khatun (hija de Muhammad Arslan Khan, Khagan de Western Kara-Khanid) 2) Rusudan Khatun (hija de Demetrio I de Georgia) 3) Gouhar Khatun (hija de Isma'il bin Yaquti, esposa de Tapar) 4) Fulana Khatun (hija de Arslan Khan, un prisionero Qara Khitai) Hijo de Malik-Shah I 10: 1131-1132: Ghiyath ad-Dunya wa ad-Din غیاث الدنیا ...

  2. His daughter, Turkan, would grow up in the court of Ögedei Khan and then Hulagu Khan, who married her to the governor of Mosul. Some pretenders to the name of Jalal al-Din arose after his death. In 1236, the founder and the leader of an insurgency in Mazandaran claimed he was Jalal al-Din.

  3. Turkan Soray (born June 28, 1945, Istanbul, Turkey) -turkish actress. Played about 200 roles in the movie, was one of the leading actresses of Turkey. In the Soviet Union became known after the Soviet-Turkish film "My Love, My Sorrow", as well as the Turkish film "My poplar in a red scarf."

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    Turkan Khatun, a daughter of Qutub-ud-din Aibak (Chief consort) Shah Turkan. Malikah-i-Jahan: Issue: Nasiruddin Mahmud Raziya Sultana Muiz ud din Bahram Ruknuddin Firuz Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah Ghiyasuddin Muhammad Shah Jalaluddin Masud Shah Shihabuddin Muhammad Qutbuddin Muhammad 2 unnamed daughters: Father: Ilam Khan: Religion: Sunni Islam

  6. Notwithstanding the intrigues of Turkan Khatun, Malik Shah was succeeded by his elder son Barkiyaroq (1092-1104), whose short reign was a series of rebellions and strange adventures such as one may imagine in the story of a youth who is by turns a powerful prince and a miserable fugitive.'