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  1. Tycho Brahe nació el 14 de diciembre de 1546 en Knudstrup, Escania, en aquel entonces perteneciente a Dinamarca y después a Suecia.Era el hijo mayor de una familia nobiliaria danesa: Otte Brahe, el padre de Tycho, fue consejero privado del rey y terminó su carrera como gobernador del castillo de Helsingborg.

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    Tycho Brahe (/ ˈ t aɪ k oʊ ˈ b r ɑː (h i,-(h) ə)/ TY-koh BRAH(-hee, -⁠(h)ə); born Tyge Ottesen Brahe; 14 December 1546 – 24 October 1601) was a Danish astronomer, known for his accurate and comprehensive astronomical observations.

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    Tycho Brahe, geboren als Tyge Ottesen Brahe (Skåne, 14 december 1546 – Praag, 24 oktober 1601) was een Deense astronoom Jeugd. Tycho werd als zoon ...

  4. Tycho Brahe, (born December 14, 1546, Knudstrup, Scania, Denmark—died October 24, 1601, Prague), Danish astronomer whose work in developing astronomical instruments and in measuring and fixing the positions of stars paved the way for future discoveries. His observations—the most accurate possible before the invention of the telescope—included a comprehensive study of the solar system and ...

  5. Tycho Brahe's Observations and Instruments. Tycho's observations of stellar and planetary positions were noteworthy both for their accuracy and quantity. His celestial positions were much more accurate than those of any predecessor or contemporary. Tycho was not a Copernican, but proposed a "geo-heliocentric" system in which the Sun and Moon ...

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    Tycho G, the companion star of SN 1572; 1677 Tycho Brahe, an asteroid; Fiction. Tycho, a desert ranger henchman from the computer game Fallout; Tycho, a shipboard AI in the computer game Marathon; Tycho Brahe, a character from the Penny Arcade webcomic based on writer Jerry Holkins; Tycho Celchu, a character in the Star Wars Universe

  7. SERIE I Rummet Går Det Godt. Planetarium og Her Går Det Godt i nyt samarbejde. Hvordan lander man på Mars? Er der liv i Rummet, og hvordan føles det at være vægtløs uden for klodens atmosfære?

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