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  1. Soldier. After serving with Frederick the Great during the Seven Years' War, he took up residence in 1769 at his family's exclave, the County of Montbéliard, of which he was also made lieutenant-general in March 1786 by his eldest brother, Charles Eugene, Duke of Württemberg, who had begun to come into the inheritance of portions of the County of Limpurg in the 1780s.

  2. Duke Ulrich of Württemberg (13 June 1877-13 June 1944) Ducal branch of the royal dynasty. Philip of Württemberg belonged to the fifth branch (called the "Ducal branch") of the House of Württemberg, descended from the seventh son of Frederick II Eugene, Duke of Württemberg.

  3. Duke Ludwig Albrecht of Württemberg (23 October 1930 – 6 October 2019), who renounced his rights to the House of Württemberg on 29 June 1959, married Baroness Adelheid von und zu Bodman on 16 February 1960 and they were divorced on 12 December 1970.

  4. Sabine Rathgeb: Herzog Karl Eugen von Württemberg (1728-1793), publiziert am 19.04.2018 in: Stadtarchiv Stuttgart, Stadtlexikon Stuttgart; Jutta Duhm-Heitzmann: ZeitZeichen: 24.10.1793 - Todestag Karl Eugen von Württemberg; Online-Findbuch Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart, G 230, Herzog Karl Eugen (1728-1793)

  5. Eberhard I of Württemberg (11 December 1445 – 24 February 1496) was known as Count Eberhard V from 1459 to 1495, and from July 1495 he was the first Duke of Württemberg. He is also known as Eberhard im Bart (Eberhard the Bearded).

  6. Duke Ernest Augustus of Brunswick was the first to do so on 8 November. The next day, the Emperor and King of Prussia Wilhelm II , went into exile in the Netherlands , and his abdication (which he would not officially confirm until 28 November, see below) was announced by his Chancellor and Prussian Minister President Maximilian of Baden .

  7. The long reign (1498–1550) of Duke Ulrich, who succeeded to the duchy while still a child, proved a most eventful period for the country, and many traditions cluster round the name of this gifted, unscrupulous and ambitious man. Duke Ulrich of Württemberg had been living in his County of Mömpelgard since 1519.