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  1. Harvard’s research, scholarship, and educational opportunities are made possible by an endowment. Our endowment includes thousands of philanthropic gifts donated since Harvard’s early history, many of which were given to support specific aspects of the University’s work.

  2. Establecida en 1636, Harvard es la institución de educación superior más antigua de los Estados Unidos. La Universidad, que tiene su sede en Cambridge y Boston, Massachusetts, tiene más de 20.000 estudiantes, incluidos estudiantes de pregrado, posgrado y profesionales. Harvard tiene más de 360.000 estudiantes en todo el mundo.

  3. At Harvard Extension School, our instructors are here to help you succeed. Our instructors come from diverse personal, professional, and academic backgrounds. They teach at Harvard University as well as local, national, and international universities. They are leading experts in their fields and top industry professionals with years of experience.

  4. 24/11/2022 · Harvard Student Life Collections: Arts, Sports, Politics and Social Life Archives of Harvard students, alumni/ae, and organizations provide a detailed look at student scholastic and extracurricular interests, as well as their family and social lives.

  5. 31/03/2022 · Harvard University is located on the traditional land of the Massachusett people, and the Nipmuc and Wampanoag Nations have long been our neighbors as well. Harvard Kennedy School recognizes and honors the past, present, and future of these Indigenous people and precious lands.

  6. 27/09/2022 · No obstante, estas certezas no son nuestras, sino de la prestigiosa Universidad de Harvard, que ha repasado la evidencia científica para ratificar que las semillas leguminosas suponen el mejor ...

  7. The Institute of Politics (IOP) at Harvard Kennedy School was established as a living memorial to America's youngest elected president, John F. Kennedy. Since its founding half a century ago, the Institute has used its programming and activities to ignite passion, appreciation and respect for politics and public service in the hearts and minds of every generation.

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