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  1. Royal Wedding Duchess Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Imperial Marriage Jewels |Sapphire Diamond Necklace Choker Tiara Present of the Czar and Czarina Royale Hochzeit Herzogin Alexandrine von Mecklenburg-Schwerin | Juwelen des dänischen Königshauses Die Brautgeschenke an die spätere Königin Alexandrine von Dänemark| Dänisches Königshaus

  2. As her mother was regent of Auguste's native Baden-Baden, it was her mother who tried to find a suitable candidate for her only daughter. Her mother proposed two candidates; Prince Alexander Ferdinand of Thurn and Taxis, son and heir of Anselm Franz of Thurn and Taxis, a wealthy German noble of the powerful Thurn und Taxis family and the Postmaster General of the Holy Roman Empire.

  3. Marina, Duchess of Kent (1906–1968) ⚭ George, 1. Duke of Kent (1902–1942) Maria von Griechenland und Dänemark (1876–1940) ⚭ Georgi Michailowitsch Romanow (1863–1919)

  4. Frederic Franz I de Mecklenburg-Schwerin (n. 10 decembrie 1756, Schwerin – d. 1 februarie 1837, Ludwigslust), Mare Duce de Mecklenburg-Schwerin 167. Prințesa Luise de Saxa-Gotha (n. 9 martie 1756, Stadtroda – d. 1 ianuarie 1808, Ludwigslust) 168. Frederick, Prinț de Wales (n. 20 ianuarie 1707, Hanovra — d. 20 martie 1751, Londra) 169.

  5. Charlotte Sophie von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld (1731–1810) ⚭ Ludwig zu Mecklenburg (1725–1778), Erbprinz von Mecklenburg-Schwerin (vgl. Stammliste des Hauses Mecklenburg) Friederike Caroline von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld (1735–1791) ⚭ Karl Alexander (1736–1806), Markgraf von Brandenburg-Ansbach-Bayreuth (vgl. Stammliste der Hohenzollern)

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    Ursula Sophie (Princess) of OLDENBURG-DELMENHORST (1601 - 1642) Walpert (Count; of RINGELHEIM) in Saxon LEHRGAU (by 825 - by 891) ; or: poss. Witikind IV (q.v. : Walpert's cousin); aka Waltbert (Waltpraht Walbert Wolpert Wolfert) von WESTSACHSEN; Count of OLDENBURG?; Count von THREKWITIGAU (im GRAINGAU & THRECWITIGAU)

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