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    Vasily Kosoy was the son of Yury Dmitrievich and Anastasia of Smolensk. His grandfather was Dmitry Donskoy who settled the issue of crown inheritance by passing a law according to which his oldest son Vasily I will become Grand Prince after his death and the second in line will be Donskoy's younger son Yury Dmitrievich.

  2. Vasily Kosoy nosio je zlatni pojas, izvezen dragim kamenjem, kada je vidio da je Sofija Vitovtovna, majka mladoženja i žena glupog i oštrog karaktera, otrgnula gosta i proglasila njezinu imovinu. Kasnije se ispostavilo da je pojas pripadao supruzi Dmitrija Donskoga, ali je ukraden na vrijeme.

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    Vasily Kosoy's younger brothers Dmitri Shemyaka and Dmitry Krasny did not support his claim to be grand prince and allied themselves with Vasily II and received from him Uglich and Galich respectively as part of the alliance. The three princes marched on Vasily Kosoy in Moscow who fled with the treasury to Novgorod, then Kostroma where he ...

  4. Sons Yuri, Vasily Kosoy and Dmitry Shemyaka, continued the war. Having captured Vasily Koso, Vasily II ordered him to be blinded, but then he fell into the hands of Dmitry Shemyaka and was also blinded. Vasily II was the winner of this struggle, which lasted 20 years, for a new order of succession to the throne.

  5. But Vasily Kosoy proclaimed himself the successor as the eldest son of Yury. However other Yury's sons took Vasily II's side and before long Vasily Kosoy left Moscow. In May, 1436 the army of Vasily II destroyed the Galitsia prince retinue in Rostov Land.Vasily Kosoy was taken prisoner and blinded.

  6. Ipatievsky Monastery. The first mention of the Ipatievsky Monastery came in 1432 when Vasily II of Rus signed a peace treaty with Vasily Kosoy here. However it is believed the monastery was founded much earlier. One legend states that it was founded in approximately 1330 by a Tatar nobleman named Chet who entered the services of Ivan Kalita and ...

  7. 19/04/2020 · Vasily Kosoy was Grand Prince of Moscow in the early 1430s, when the country was in the middle of a raging civil war. He was overthrown by his cousin and brother and blinded while in prison.