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    The name Golden Horde, a partial calque of Russian Золотая Орда (Zolotája Ordá), itself supposedly a partial calque of Turkic Altan Orda, is said to have been inspired by the golden color of the tents the Mongols lived in during wartime, or an actual golden tent used by Batu Khan or by Uzbek Khan, or to have been bestowed by the Slavic tributaries to describe the great wealth of ...

  2. Painting by Vasily Perov The year 1666 saw the start of the schism of the Old Believers , who broke away from the established Church in protest against ecclesiastical reforms of Patriarch Nikon . An ambitious figure, who dreamt of celebrating liturgy in Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, Patriarch Nikon, sought to establish the primacy of the Orthodox Church over the state in Russia.

  3. After Yuri's death in 1432, the claims were taken up by his sons, Vasily Kosoy and Dmitry Shemyaka, who pursued the Great Feudal War well into the 1450s. Although he was ousted from Moscow on several occasions, taken prisoner by Olug Moxammat of Kazan , and blinded in 1446, Vasily II eventually managed to triumph over his enemies and pass the throne to his son.

  4. They dispersed the supporters of False Dmitry II, who maintained an alternative court in Tushino near Moscow and challenged the authority of Vasily IV. In the aftermath, some of the Tushino boyars summoned Wladyslaw IV to lay his claim to the Russian throne, while Skopin-Shuisky was poisoned at the behest of his uncle and rival, Prince Dmitry Shuisky .

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    Okhotsk was of some military importance during the Russian Civil War, when the White army generals Vasily Rakitin and Anatoly Pepelyayev used it as their place of arms in the Far East. Okhotsk was also a launch site of sounding rockets between 1981 and 2005. The rockets reached altitudes of up to 1,000 km .

  6. Vasily of Kostroma G.P. of Vladimir 1241–1272–1276: Daniel of Galicia King of Ruthenia 1201–1253–1264: Iziaslav IV Vladimirovich G.P. of Kiev 1235–1236: Alexander Nevsky G.P. of Kiev 1221–1252–1263: Andrey II G.P. of Vladimir ≈1222–1249 –1252–1264: Yaroslav III G.P. of Vladimir 1230–1264–1271: Dmitry of Pereslavl G.P ...

  7. Party of Vasily the Blind: Party of Vasily Kosoy Party of Dmitry Shemyaka: 1425 1454 Wars in Lombardy: Duchy of Milan: Republic of Venice: 1426 1435 Dano-Hanseatic War (1426–35) Hanseatic League Holstein-Rendsburg Kalmar Union Pomerania-Barth: 1427 1427 Mainz-Hessian War: Landgraviate of Hesse: Electorate of Mainz: 1428 1428 Shocho uprising ...