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  1. Argumento. En el prólogo, la madre y regente de Iván, la Gran princesa de Moscovia Elena Glínskaya, y su amante son asesinados por los boyardos.En 1547, Iván es entronizado como zar de toda Rusia, en medio de las quejas de los boyardos y los celos silenciosos de su primo, Vladímir de Stáritsa y especialmente de la madre de Vladímir y tía de Iván, Evfrosinia Stáritskaia.

  2. This was a natural consequence of the hegemony of Moscow over the other Vladimir-Suzdal lands, but also to new imperial pretensions. After the fall of Constantinople , orthodox canonists were inclined to regard the Grand Princes of Moscow , where the Orthodox Metropolitan of Kiev moved in 1325 after the Mongol Invasions, as the successors of the Byzantine emperors .

  3. G.P. of Vladimir 1229–1248: Vasily of Kostroma G.P. of Vladimir 1241–1272–1276: Daniel of Galicia King of Ruthenia 1201–1253–1264: Iziaslav IV Vladimirovich G.P. of Kiev 1235–1236: Alexander Nevsky G.P. of Kiev 1221–1252–1263: Andrey II G.P. of Vladimir ≈1222–1249 –1252–1264: Yaroslav III G.P. of Vladimir 1230–1264 ...

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    Mikhail, the Grand Prince of Tver, who ascended the throne of Vladimir in 1305, was one of the most revered medieval Russian rulers. His policy of open conflict with the Golden Horde led to his assassination there in 1318.

  5. Efrosinia of Staritsa (Serafima Birman) – Ivan's aunt Efrosinia, usually dressed in black, is the chief villain of the piece, willing to do anything to get her son Vladimir on the throne. She is adamantly traditionalist and hates the Tsarina, relentlessly pushing the other boyars to oppose Ivan in any way they can, and is instrumental in the assassination plot against him.

  6. Se også. Byer i Russland etter folketall; Eksterne lenker. Liste over alle byer i Russland (2002) Folketall for russiske byer i 2002 (excelfil)

  7. This is a list of cities and towns in Russia.According to the data of 2010 Russian Census, there are 1,117 cities and towns in Russia.After the Census, Innopolis, a town in the Republic of Tatarstan, was established in 2012 and granted town status in 2015.