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  1. William Edgar Borah (June 29, 1865 – January 19, 1940) was an outspoken Republican United States Senator, one of the best-known figures in Idaho's history.

  2. William E. Borah (born June 29, 1865, Fairfield, Ill., U.S.—died Jan. 19, 1940, Washington, D.C.) Republican U.S. senator from Idaho for 33 years, best known for his major role at the end of World War I (1918) in preventing the United States from joining the League of Nations and the World Court.

  3. 29 de jun. de 2020 · Borah High's mascot -- the Lions -- a nickname of Senator Borah, known as the "Lion of Idaho" for his outspoken stance on issues. His fiercely independent views often kept him at odds with his ...

  4. 27 de jun. de 2018 · United States senator William Edgar Borah (1865-1940) was influential in developing American foreign policy, particularly by his isolationist attitudes in the 1930s and his opposition to aid to France and Great Britain as World War II approached.

  5. William Edgar Borah (June 29, 1865–January 19, 1940) was a prominent Republican senator during the Great Depression. Known as the "Lion of Idaho," he defended Jeffersonian principles, upheld civil libertarian doctrines, espoused constitutionalism, and safeguarded the special interests of his home state.

  6. William E. Borah. The League of Nations. November 19, 1919. On the final day of Senate debate over the League of Nations, William E. Borah spoke powerfully and persuasively in opposition to the League.

  7. In 1907 Borah was elected to the U.S. Senate where he served until his death in 1940. Known for his public speaking skills and his independent and often controversial positions on political issues, he was a strong advocate for peace, disarmament and the major proponent for the outlawry of war.