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  1. 05/04/2022 · William Howard Taft, (born September 15, 1857, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.—died March 8, 1930, Washington, D.C.), 27th president of the United States (1909–13) and 10th chief justice of the United States (1921–30). As the choice of Pres. Theodore Roosevelt to succeed him and carry on the progressive Republican agenda, Taft as president alienated the progressives—and later Roosevelt ...

  2. 02/04/2014 · William Howard Taft died on March 8, 1930, at his home in Washington, D.C. He was the first president to be buried in Arlington Cemetery, and the first to have a funeral broadcast on the radio.

  3. High atop one of Cincinnati's most prominent hilltops stands the two-story Greek Revival house where William Howard Taft was born and grew up. Hard work, a good education, and an interest in civic duty are attributes that made the Taft family outstanding leaders over the years.

  4. William Howard Taft takes the oath of office, becoming the twenty-seventh President of the United States. Taft had been handpicked by his predecessor, Theodore Roosevelt, and trusted to carry through Theodore Roosevelt's progressivism. Not surprisingly, Taft makes many references to his “distinguished predecessor” in his inaugural address.

  5. William Howard Taft faced the difficult task as President of living up to the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt. Taft so disappointed his predecessor, former mentor, and friend, that Roosevelt opposed his renomination in 1912 and bolted from the Republican Party to form his own "Bull-Moose" party, creating an opening for Democrat Woodrow Wilson in the 1912 presidential election.

  6. 11/10/2017 · William Howard Taft served as the 27th President of the United States from March 4, 1909 to March 4, 1913. In 1912, he won the Republican nomination against his former mentor Theodore Roosevelt but failed miserably in the presidential elections winning 8 electoral votes and 23.2% popular vote.

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