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  1. 29/06/2022 · Initially supportive of U.S. expansion in the Philippines, Democratic presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan soon made anti-imperialism a standard plank in his stump speeches during the 1900 campaign. Imperialism is the policy of an empire. And an empire is a nation composed of different races, living under varying forms of government.

  2. hace 6 días · In 1904, both William Jennings Bryan and former President Grover Cleveland declined to run for president. Since the two Democratic nominees of the past 20 years did not seek the presidential nomination, Alton B. Parker, a Bourbon Democrat from New York, emerged as the frontrunner.

    • New York
    • Republican
    • Theodore Roosevelt
    • Charles W. Fairbanks
  3. 28/06/2022 · Helping to prosecute him was William Jennings Bryan, a former presidential candidate, who said the creation story in the Bible should be interpreted literally. Defending Scopes was Clarence Darrow, a trial attorney known for taking on, and winning, unpopular cases.

  4. 29/06/2022 · William Jennings Bryan (1860-1925), the U.S. congressman from Nebraska, three-time presidential nominee and secretary of state, emerged near the end of the 19th century as a leading voice in the...

  5. hace 3 días · After the election, Wilson chose William Jennings Bryan as Secretary of State, and Bryan offered advice on the remaining members of Wilson's cabinet. William Gibbs McAdoo , a prominent Wilson supporter who married Wilson's daughter in 1914, became Secretary of the Treasury, and James Clark McReynolds , who had successfully prosecuted several prominent antitrust cases, was chosen as Attorney ...

  6. 27/06/2022 · In 1896, William Jennings Bryan, a Democrat from Nebraska, ran for president on a fusion ticket with the Populist Party. This cartoonist from a Republican magazine thought the “Popocratic” ticket was too ideologically mismatched to win.

  7. 28/06/2022 · Bill Lehr, a cattle feeder whose family owns the T-Bone, paid $45,000 for the steer in an online auction that ended Monday. Backes Commercial Auctioneers of Raymond, Iowa, conducted the sale, which...