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    William Maitland of Lethington (1525–1573), 'Secretary Lethington' to Mary, Queen of Scots; William Maitland (c.1693–1757), historian and topographer, History of London from Its Foundation to the Present Time; In popular culture. Barbara and Adam Maitland, of the 1988 film Beetlejuice

  2. At first Mary ruled successfully and with moderation, advised by Lord James and William Maitland of Lethington, a subtle diplomat. However, her marriage in 1565 to her second cousin Henry, Lord Darnley (great-grandson of Henry VII) initiated a tragic series of events made worse by factious Scottish nobles.

  3. Balfour, Francis Maitland, (1851-1882), comparative embryologist and morphologist Balfour, Gerald William, (1853-1945), 2nd Earl of Balfour Balfour, John Hutton, (1808-1884), botanist

  4. 08/08/2022 · Elizabeth refused, and the bad blood remained between them. Mary then sent William Maitland of Lethington as an ambassador to the English court to put the case for Mary as a potential heir to the throne. Elizabeth's response is said to have included the words "As for the title of my crown, for my time I think she will not attain it."

  5. Afgebeeld zijn onder andere: James Stewart (Moray), James Hamilton (Châtellerault), Lord Darnley, Matthew Stewart (Lennox), William Maitland (Lethington), William Kirkcaldy (Grange), James Douglas (Morton), John Knox, en George Buchanan.

  6. You are my queen and we're your subjects. We're here in service to you, whatever that means, whatever it costs us. Lady Lola to Queen Mary Lady Lola Fleming Narcisse was one of the Ladies-in-Waiting and a close friend of Queen Mary. She was briefly married to Lord Julien, who is publicly believed dead, and has since given birth to King Francis' only child. She started seeing Lord Narcisse and ...

  7. Sir William Maitland of Lethington wurde mit dem Hintergedanken als Botschafter an den englischen Hof gesandt, ihr Vorteile auf den englischen Thron zu sichern. Elisabeths Antwort wird wie folgt überliefert: „Bei der Würde der Krone glaube ich, dass sie sie in meiner Zeit niemals erlangen wird.“