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  1. William Mason nació en Boston (Estados Unidos) el 24 de enero de 1829 en el seno de una familia de músico. Su padre, el músico Lowell Mason, fue una figura destacada de la música sacra de su país. Su hermano menor, Henry Mason, fue cofundador de la fábrica de pianos Mason and Hamlin . Después de un exitoso debut en la Boston Academy of Music, ...

  2. Poeta, pintor, dibujante y escritor. [ editar datos en Wikidata] William Mason (1724-1797) fue un poeta inglés, editor, y tracista de jardines y tratadista de jardinería. Nació en Hull y estudió en la Escuela de Gramática del St John's College, Cambridge. Fue ordenado sacerdote en 1754 y ocupó varios puestos en la iglesia.

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    William's parents had three other sons and one daughter who had all died in their early infancy. He was their only surviving child. Despite his own wish to be a groom due to his natural affinity with horses, his mother was determined that he would one day be a butler and so he became a footman in a great estate just to please her.

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    William's general disposition was kind, easy-going and generally acquiescent, which usually allowed Thomas Barrow, the first footman, to push him around and do most of the work for footmen in the household. He was known to play the piano in the servants' hall during their downtime in the evenings.

    When William's mother was taken ill with a heart condition, even though she was told that her condition would prove fatal within a short period of time, she refused to 

    Actor Thomas Howes, who is a trained pianist, suggested to the Downton Abbey writer and creator Julian Fellowes, that his character William to play the piano in some of Downton Abbey's scenes.

    In Episode 2.05, there is a continuity error. The date of death given on William's marker at his grave reads "26/07/18"; that is, July 26th, 1918. The Battle of Ameins was fought from August 8th - 12th, 1918. Since both of these pieces of information cannot be right, it may be that William's death date should really be August 26th, 1918

    In Episode 6.06 William appears in a picture from before he was killed in the war.

    ↑ William's birthdate is unknown. We can assume that he is at the very least aged nineteen or older in 1916. In Episode 2.01, William comments that his father "still won't let him enlist," implying that he was eligible to enlist prior to the beginning of the episode (perhaps for the duration of the war). Furthermore, he says "even Thomas is on the ...

  3. William Mason (January 24, 1829 – July 14, 1908) was an American composer and pianist and a member of a musical family. His father was composer Lowell Mason, a leading figure in American church music, and his younger brother, Henry Mason, was a co-founder of the piano manufacturers Mason & Hamlin

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    William Mason was a patternmaker, engineer and inventor who worked for Remington Arms, Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company, and Winchester Repeating Arms Company in the 19th century.

    Mason began his career as an apprentice patternmaker, eventually working in the arms industry for Remington Arms. While at Remington, on November 21, 1865, he received U.S. patent 51,117, for a swing-out cylinder for easy loading and the star ejector mechanism to eject spent cartridge cases, a design used in 1896 by S&W for the.38 Hand Ejector.

    Mason left Remington Arms in 1866 to work for Colt as the superintendent of the armory. Along with Charles Richards, Mason patented designs to convert percussion revolvers into rear-loading metallic cartridge revolvers. Those converted revolvers are identified as the "Richards-Mason conversion". After working on these conversions, Mason began work ...

    Mason left Colt to work for the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1882. While he was originally hired to design a revolver to compete with Colt's revolvers, Mason eventually made working prototypes of many of John Moses Browning's designs. One of his more notable design improvements was the Winchester Model 1886 rifle. In 1885 he became the Mast...

  4. (Composer, Pianist) William Mason was an American music composer and pianist known as one of the great American musicians of the second half of the 19th century. Born into a musical family, William initially did not have the support of his family to pursue a career in music. However, he still went ahead and enrolled in the Boston Academy of Music.

  5. William S. Mason (1832–1899), mayor of Portland, Oregon, 1891–1894 and 1898–1899; William H. Mason, inventor of masonite; William Mason (1760–1830), Revolutionary War soldier, founder of city of Mason, Ohio; Bill Mason (1929–1988), Canadian canoeist and author; William Mason, a pseudonym of William W. Johnstone; Willie Mason (born 1980), Australian rugby league footballer

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