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  1. Lo que sea que esté pasando, bien, entendiste mal, Renee. Point the device at any wall, and you've got it all. Apunte el dispositivo en cualquier pared, y usted tiene unll. You may not need my money, but you've got it. Tal vez no necesites mi dinero, pero lo tienes. You may not need my money, but you've got it.

  2. Yes, if you've got it made under this system, you use authority to preserve your privileges. Es lógico que si vive bien con este sistema, utilice la autoridad para conservar sus privilegios. Look, baby, with a parson and a preacher for a patron, you've got it made .

  3. Traducciones en contexto de "you've got it down" en inglés-español de Reverso Context: Until you've got it down cold.

  4. You've Got It Lyrics: This impossible power / A strength that I can't see / There's no way that I can let you go / Why did I mistake sex for another sense / Then wanted someone else to try to tell you

  5. you've got it in one. If someone guesses something and you say got it in one or you've got it in one, you mean that they have guessed correctly. `My husband just broke my favourite piece of china,' said my friend. `Guess whose fault it was.' `Yours,' I said. `Got it in one,' she said. `Is that a Birmingham accent?'.

  6. Indirectly you are serving the habits you despise. Your rant rewrite may look like this example from one of my clients, Lenore: Phase One: The Rant. "My kids take me for granted. They expect me to drop whatever I'm doing and focus on them, anytime. I'm sick of them taking me for granted." Phase Two: The Rewrite.

  7. The You’ve Got It Made vision is that you, the customer, feel warm and invited as soon as you walk in our store, and at home by the time you leave. Learn More.

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