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  1. Yuri Vasilievich (Юрий Васильевич; 30 October 1532 – 24 June 1563) was the only brother of Ivan the Terrible. He was born deaf, and was thus never considered to be a candidate as heir to the Russian throne. He ruled the appanage principality of Uglich on the Volga. Yuri was the second son of Vasily III of Russia and Elena Glinskaya.

  2. It is generally believed that the real Dmitry of Uglich died in Uglich in 1591. False Dmitry claimed that his mother, Maria Nagaya , anticipated the assassination attempt ordered by Boris Godunov and helped him escape to a monastery in the Tsardom of Russia , and the assassins killed somebody else instead.

  3. Uliana Paletskaya (died 1569), was a Princess of Russia by marriage to Yuri of Uglich. She was the daughter of Dmitry Paletsky. She married Yuri in 1547. They had a son. She was forced to become a nun when she was widowed, by her brother-in-law the czar. In 1569, she was drowned by order of the tsar. References

  4. 30/06/2022 · Crossing the Volga, Vladimir mustered a new army, which was encircled and totally annihilated by the Mongols in the Battle of the Sit River on March 4.Thereupon Batu Khan divided his army into smaller units, which ransacked fourteen cities of modern-day Russia: Rostov, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Kashin, Ksnyatin, Gorodets, Galich, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yuriev-Polsky, Dmitrov, Volokolamsk, Tver ...

  5. El Neolítico —que quiere decir, la «nueva edad de piedra»— es donde se produce el primer periodo de desarrollo tecnológico y social. [24] Esta etapa se inició hace unos 9 000 años (en el 7000 a. C.) y se caracterizó por la creación de los primeros poblados y por la aparición de la agricultura, la ganadería y la metalurgia.

  6. 14/04/2022 · ‘contract or transaction’ means any transaction of whatever form, whatever the applicable law, and whether comprising one or more contracts or similar obligations made between the same or different parties; for this purpose ‘contract’ includes a bond, guarantee or indemnity, particularly a financial guarantee or financial indemnity, and credit, whether legally independent or not, as ...

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