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  1. Yury appealed to the khan of the Golden Horde to support his claim to the throne. Vasili II retained the Duchy of Moscow, but Yury was given the Duchy of Dmitrov. 1432: Muscovite Civil War: Vasili II led an army to capture Dmitrov. His army was defeated and he was forced to flee to Kolomna. Yury arrived in Moscow and declared himself the Grand ...

  2. Ivan had four brothers. The eldest, Yury, died childless on 12 September 1472. He only had a draft of a will that said nothing about his land. Ivan seized the land, much to the fury of the surviving brothers, whom he placated with some land. Boris and Andrei the Elder signed treaties with Vasily in February and September 1473.

  3. Sebuah kelompok pengusaha baru dibentuk, yang terdiri dari Gennady Timchenko, Vladimir Yakunin, Yury Kovalchuk, Sergey Chemezov, dengan hubungan pribadi yang dekat dengan Putin. Beberapa bulan sebelum pemilihan, Putin merangkai kabinet Perdana Menteri Kasyanov, dan menunjuk Mikhail Fradkov untuk mengisi tempatnya.

  4. Yuri Bogolyubsky: Tamar Queen of Georgia, 1184–1213: 2. David Soslan: Rusudan: Manuel Komnenos: George IV King of Georgia, 1213–1223: Rusudan Queen of Georgia, 1223–1245: Ghias ad-din: Alexios I Megas Komnenos emperor of Trebizond: David VII King of Georgia, 1247–1270: David VI King of Georgia, 1245–1293: Tamar

  5. Ivan I; Prince of Moscow; Reign: 21 November 1325 – 31 March 1340 or 1341: Predecessor: Yury: Successor: Simeon I

  6. Yury III of Moscow G.P. of Vladimir 1281–1318– 1322–1325: Ivan I G.P. of Moscow 1288-1328–1340: Konstantin V Prince of Suzdal?-1332–1355: Alexander of Suzdal G.P. of Vladimir?–1328–1331: Daniel 1320–1328: Andrei Prince of Serpukhov 1327–1341–1353: Simeon the Proud G.P. of Moscow 1316–1340–1353: Alexandra: Ivan II G.P. of ...

  7. She not only shielded much of her Empire from further Turkish invasions but successfully pacified internal tensions, including a coup organized by her Russian husband Yury Bogolyubsky, prince of Novgorod.