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  1. The hunger artist, who spent his life trying to achieve spiritual satisfaction, is replaced in the cage by the panther, which exhibits the uninhibited vitality of the physical world. The hunger artist lives in a state of constant want, for both food and recognition.

  2. The hunger artist comes to symbolize a joy-deprived man who shows no exuberance, who regards even his own tremendous discipline as inauthentic, and the panther who replaces him obviously is meant to show a sharp contrast between the two.

    • Franz Kafka
    • Germany (written in Austria-Hungary)
    • 1922
    • Ein Hungerkünstler
  3. ‘A Hunger Artist’: plot summary The story is about a hunger artist: a circus performer who remains in a cage and engages in fasting for weeks on end, eating nothing. Crowds of people come to see him and admire his ability to last without food for such long periods of time.

  4. A Hunger Artist Symbols Next The Cage The Cage There isn’t a single instance of the hunger artist leaving his cage in the story. Both symbolically and literally, the cage serves to completely separate the hunger artist from the rest of society, allowing him… read analysis of The Cage The Panther

  5. A Hunger Artist | Symbols Share The Cage The cage symbolizes both the capitalist box of entertainment the audience has put the hunger artist in and the cage in which he has put himself to perpetuate his own suffering. It's telling that even though the cage has a clock, the hunger artist never looks at it.

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