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  1. › wiki › Alzey-WormsAlzey-Worms - Wikipedia

    Alzey-Worms ( German pronunciation: [ˈaltsaɪˈvɔʁms]) is a district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is bounded by (from the east and clockwise) the district Groß-Gerau ( Hesse ), the city of Worms and the districts of Bad Dürkheim, Donnersbergkreis, Bad Kreuznach and Mainz-Bingen . Contents 1 History 2 Geography 3 Coat of arms

    • 588 km² (227 sq mi)
    • Germany
  2. Alzey-Worms es un distrito de Renania-Palatinado, Alemania. Limita con los distritos de (desde el este, en el sentido de las agujas del reloj) Groß-Gerau ( Hesse ), la ciudad de Worms y los distritos de Bad Dürkheim, Donnersbergkreis, Bad Kreuznach y Mainz-Bingen . Índice 1 Historia 2 Geografía 3 Escudo de armas 4 Ciudades y municipios

    • Historia
    • Hermanamientos
    • Personalidades de Alzey
    • Enlaces Externos

    Desde el Neolítico a la Edad Media

    Los vestigios colonizadores de Alzey se remontan a la Edad de Piedra. El nombre Alzey (Altaia) fue documentado por primera vez en una inscripción romana de piedra de 223 d. C., y su significado aún se desconoce. Posiblemente se refiera a un antiguo asentamiento celta que se remonta a 400 a. C. La villa romana fue destruida en el año 350 d. C. En el año 390 d. C. los romanos levantaron un nuevo fuerte sobre los restos de la antigua villa, la cual cayó en manos de los burgundios 10 años más tar...

    Edad Moderna

    En 1620 durante la guerra de los Treinta Años, fue ocupada por las tropas españolas. En 1689 en la guerra de los Nueve Añosla villa y el castillo fueron saqueados e incendiados por las tropas francesas

    Alzey está hermanada con las ciudades de: 1. Harpenden, Inglaterra, desde 1963. 2. Josselin, Francia.

    Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre Alzey.
  3. › wiki › AlzeyAlzey - Wikipedia

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    Alzey lies in Rhenish Hesse on the western edge of the northern part of the Upper Rhine Plain. It is surrounded by the northern part of the Alzey Hills, which meets the Rhenish Hesse Hills towards the south and the North Palatine Uplands towards the east. The town is found some 30 km southwest of Mainz and some 22 km (as the crow flies, in each case) northwest of Worms. Through Alzey, in places underground, flows the river Selz, a left-bank tributary to the Rhine.


    Yearly precipitation in Alzey amounts to 586 mm, which is rather low, falling into the lowest fourth of the precipitation chart for all Germany. At 18% of the German Weather Service's weather stations, even lower figures are recorded. The driest month is February. The most rainfall comes in June. In that month, precipitation is 1.9 times what it is in February. Precipitation varies moderately. At 41% of the weather stations, lower seasonal swings are recorded.

    From the Neolithic to the early first millennium

    The earliest traces of settlement in the Alzey area go back as far as the Neolithic. Alzey was founded as a vicus (village) in the Roman province of Germania Superior in the lands surrounding Mogontiacum (Mainz). The name of Alzey is first mentioned on a Nymphenstein (a Roman altar stone dedicated to nymphs), dedicated on 22 November 223 by the Vicani Altiaienses ("Villagers of Alzey"). The name Altiaia could well originate from the name of an older, pre-Roman Celtic settlement of about 400 B...

    12th century to early 20th century

    In 1156, Alzey belonged to the Electorate of the Palatinate, and Konrad von Staufen attained the rank of Count Palatine in the Imperial castle, which had been completed in 1118. In 1277, Alzey attained the rank of town from Rudolf von Habsburg. In 1620, Count Spinola sided with the Catholic Emperor in the Thirty Years' War against the Protestant Electorate of the Palatinate and also conquered Alzey. In 1689, the town and the castle, under the French troops' scorched-earth policy, were burnt d...

    Third Reich

    On Kristallnacht (9 November 1938), the Alzey synagogue was destroyed and the fittings were burnt in front of the building. The ruin was removed in the 1950s. A rescued Torah scroll can nowadays be found in the museum. On 8 January 1945, in World War II, the town narrowly missed being destroyed when 36 Boeing B-17 bombershad been sent to take out a railway bridge in Alzey. Owing to bad weather and a landmark misinterpretation – the crew mistook the top of the old watchtower for the church ste...

    Town council

    The council is made up of 32 part-time council members who were elected at the municipal election held on 26 May 2019, and the full-time mayor as chairman. The seats are apportioned thus:


    1. (1982–1990) Walter Zuber (SPD) 2. (1990–2006) Knut Benkert (SPD) 3. (2006–present) Christoph Burkhard (independent CDU candidate)

    Coat of arms

    The town's armsmight be described thus: Per fess sable a demi-lion rampant Or armed, langued and crowned gules, and argent a vielle bendwise of the third. The lion recalls the town's former overlord, the Electorate of the Palatinate. The vielle, a kind of fiddle, stands for the noble families by the name of Truchseß, or Truchsess (Volker von Alzey), Winter and Wilch, who were formerly resident in the town.

    Awards and prizes

    The town of Alzey regularly bestows the following awards and prizes: 1. Elisabeth-Langgässer-Literaturpreis(since 1988 every three years) 2. Georg-Scheu-Plakette(yearly at the winemakers' festival)


    The town's links with wine are even shown in the Alser Lied, a town song, which is always sung on the Friday of the opening of the winemakers' festival. One version sung by former mayor Walter Zuber could be found on the jukebox at the Alzey traditional pub, Zur Gretelfor a decade.


    1. Gerry-Jansen-Theater

    The town's main branches of industry are winegrowing, the resident specialized clinic, the building firm Wilhelm Faber GmbH & Co. KG, a Schlecker distribution centre, a Plus distribution centre, an administrative seat of the hypermarket chain real,- and Lufthansa daughter companies Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey and LSG Sky Food. Moreover, Alzey is t...

    Honorary citizens

    1. Georg Scheu 2. Willi Bechtolsheimer 3. Kurt Neumann 4. Walter Zuber 5. Karl-Heinz Kipp

    Sons and daughters of the town

    1. Felix Adler (1851–1933), philosopher and son of Rabbi Samuel Adler 2. August Belmont (1816-1890), German-American banker and politician. He was from the well known Jewish family Belmont in Alzey as a son of Simon Isaac, who had taken the name Belmont under Napoleon's name law. 3. Heinrich Claß (1868-1953) was from 1908 to 1939 chairman of the Alldeutscher Verband, the influential nationalistic club in Imperial Germany. Claß was known for, among other things, works published under the pseud...

    Famous people associated with the town

    1. Dr. Samuel Adler (1809-1891) was from 1842 to 1857 Rabbiof Alzey's Jewish community. He was a supporter of the liberal movement in German Jewry and advocated, for example, the use of German in Jewish worship and a greater role for women. Dr. Adler went as a rabbi to the Temple Emanu-El in New York and became head of the USA's leading Jewish Reform community. Services held by Samuel Adler continued to be in his preferred German. His library is as far as has been possible maintained at Hebre...

    Volker Gallé / Christine Hinkel / Manfred Hinkel / Gisela Kleinknecht / Wulf Kleinknecht: Alzeyer Köpfe. Sutton Verlag, Erfurt 2007, ISBN 978-3-86680-098-4

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  5. Der Landkreis Alzey-Worms ist eine Gebietskörperschaft in Rheinland-Pfalz. Sitz der Kreisverwaltung und zugleich bevölkerungsreichste Kommune ist die verbandsfreie Stadt Alzey. Der Landkreis ging größtenteils aus den Landkreisen Alzey und Worms hervor, die bis 1945 im Volksstaat Hessen lagen.

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