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  1. Where it's implied that the White Base's journey to Jaburo in the series was pretty much a circumnavigation of the globe unconnected to many real-world locations, Yasuhiko's journey places the White Base's landfall near Los Angeles, the headquarters of Garma Zabi (in the series, Garma was based out of a generic "New York" — Origin in fact states the Zeon occupation HQ as Los Angeles City ...

  2. 01/12/2002 · 501 Man-Eater Bug - 450/ 600 - 54652250 20 502 D. Human - 1300/1100 - 81057959 120 503 Turtle Raccoon - 700/ 900 - 17441953 35 504 Fungi of the Musk - 400/ 300 - 53830602 15 505 Prisman - 800/1000 - 80234301 45 506 Gale Dogra - 650/ 600 - 16229315 25 507 Crazy Fish - 1600/1200 - 53713014 160 508 Cyber Saurus - 1800/1400 - 89112729 260 509 Bracchio-Raidus - 2200/2000 - 16507828 800 510 Laughing ...

  3. However, Char intentionally misdirects the Zeon forces, allowing White Base to attack Garma's Gaw air carrier from behind. Shocked by Char's treachery, Garma turns the Gaw around and attempts to ram White Base, only to fall short. Garma's death sends shock waves though the Zeon forces, especially his father, Degwin Sodo, and older brother, Dozle.

  4. Instituto de Psicoanálisis "Ángel Garma" Espacio de Candidatos Orientación y Consulta Publicaciones Libros APA Editorial Revista de Psicoanálisis online La Época APA online Diccionario de Psicoanálisis Argentino Comisión de Publicaciones Out-Art Cursos y universidades Centro de Estudios Psicoanalíticos Dr. José Bleger Cursos virtuales

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    In October, Kahlo traveled alone to New York, where her colorful Mexican dress "caused a sensation" and made her seen as "the height of exotica". The exhibition opening in November was attended by famous figures such as Georgia O'Keeffe and Clare Boothe Luce and received much positive attention in the press, although many critics adopted a condescending tone in their reviews.

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    Liang Bua is a limestone cave on the island of Flores, Indonesia, slightly north of the town of Ruteng in Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.The cave demonstrated archaeological and paleontological potential in the 1950s and 1960s as described by the Dutch missionary and archaeologist Theodor L. Verhoeven.

  7. Roberto Del Giudice nel 1984. Roberto Del Giudice (Milano, 25 settembre 1940 – Roma, 25 novembre 2007) è stato un attore, doppiatore e direttore del doppiaggio italiano, noto per essere stato la voce italiana di celebri personaggi come Arsenio Lupin III, Miss Piggy e Zazu