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  1. You can see, reader, that the man is pulled both this way and that. He wants to appear to be opening a battle against the whole party of the Lutherans, not against any individual member of it. But he cannot attack us . . . Continue reading →

  2. 9 de dic. de 2012 · Lutherans believe that we receive the forgiveness of our sins every week (at least!) of our Christian lives. As for FV, we Lutherans could say that they are not heretics for saying that baptism saves and apostasy is possible. That would make everyone prior to the Reformed tradition heretical.

  3. Lutheran orthodoxy teaches a different Christology than confessed by the Reformed churches. We confess that Jesus’ humanity, though glorified and ascended, remains local (i.e., in one place at one time). We confess that he is “everywhere present” by the power and in the person of the Holy Spirit.

  4. Lutherans Heidelcast For September 11, 2022: Every Tribe, Tongue, And Nation (16): Third/Fourth Heads Of Doctrine (2)

  5. 23 de feb. de 2023 · In Lutheranism, those folk found a clear, unequivocal message of free acceptance with God that they were not hearing in their Reformed congregation. This reality demands, ironically, some introspection among the Reformed. It is ironic because introspection is part of the problem.

  6. Recovering The Realism Of Natural Law. by Heidelblog on September 15, 2023 | 2 Comments. The Christian natural law tradition offers Christians meaningful and coherent moral guidance apart from instrumental calculations of political power and success. That is, the tradition is moral, not consequentialist or ad hoc.