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  1. The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicholaes Tulp by Rembrandt. This oil painting made in 1632 by Rembrandt is a famous example of Dutch Baroque art. The scene depicted in this work is a public dissection of an executed criminal that was conducted by the Amsterdam Guild of Surgeons the same year the painting was made.

    • Las Meninas – Diego Velazquez
    • The Nightwatch – Rembrandt Van Rijn
    • Allegory of War – Jan Brueghel The Younger
    • The Abduction of The Sabine Women – Nicolas Poussin
    • The Calling of St Matthew – Caravaggio
    • The Education of The Princess – Peter Paul Rubens
    • The Entry of The Animals Into Noah’s Ark – Jan Brueghel The Elder
    • Judgement of Paris – Peter Paul Rubens
    • The Battle of The Amazons – Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Bruegel The Elder
    • Landscape with A Calm – Nicolas Poussin

    Diego Velazquez was a true master when it came to painting subjects in a way that captured the personality of each figure represented in the work. Such was the case, according to art historians and critics, in his 1656 work titled Las Meninas. This painting featured the Spanish royal family gathered together in a section of the Royal Alcazar of Mad...

    Rembrandt van Rijn is highly regarded as one of the most famous baroque artistsin history. His work titled The Nightwatch was painted in 1642 and features a tense occasion when Captain Frans Banninck Cocq is seen leading his Dutch soldiers through a city during a military campaign. The work was originally commissioned by Captain Banninck Cocq himse...

    Europe’s Thirty Years War was a time when various military battles ravaged the cities throughout the continent, killing more than 8 million people according to most historians. Jan Brueghel the Younger painted what many consider today to be one of the most famous Baroque paintings ever created in his work known as Allegory of War. This painting was...

    Not all of the most famous Baroque paintings represented religious occasions or current events. Nicolas Poussin’s work titled The Abduction of the Sabine Women was one that focused on the story of the subject that was a well-known Roman mythological tale of the day. It was created in 1634 and is widely recognized for the high element of drama and v...

    Caravaggio was known throughout art history as one of the most masterful painters who worked in light and darkness in a way that others simply couldn’t match. His work titled The Calling of St Matthew was one such work that illustrates his incredible command over the stark contrasts of light and dark. Painted in 1600, one of Caravaggio’s most famou...

    Peter Paul Rubens was known as a famous Flemish painter that focused on various scenes of religious or mythological stories that were well-known among the people of his day. His work titled The Education of the Princess was created sometime between 1622 and 1625 and is known as one of the greatest Baroque masterpieces ever done. Also Read: Famous B...

    Many of the most notable Baroque painters were known for their close attention to detail when it came to painting various scenes from mythological or religious stories and traditions. Jan Brueghel the Elder was hailed for his efforts to do so in one single painting known as The Entry of the Animals Into Noah’s Ark. This work was painted in 1613 and...

    Peter Paul Rubens is widely hailed as one of the greatest Baroque masters of the art movement. His series of paintings known as Judgement of Paris are considered some of the greatest of the Baroque era as they feature some of Ruben’s perceptions of the ideal female form represented by goddesses like Minerva, Venus, and Juno. Painted in 1636, Rubens...

    Two of the most legendary Baroque painters in history, Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Bruegel the Elder, combined their efforts to produce one of the most notable masterpieces of the Baroque era that has become known as The Battle of the Amazons. While this work has been reproduced by other artists, it was these two who truly brought it to light origina...

    While Nicolas Poussin has already been noted among our list of artists who have created some of the most famous Baroque works in history, it would be a disservice to the era to not mention his painting known as Landscape with a Calm. Poussin was known as a masterful painter of landscapesand this is widely considered to be the most famous of his car...

    • Famous Baroque Artists
    • Other Famous Baroque Painters
    • from Dark to Light: Baroque and Rococo
    • Frequently Asked Questions

    Below, we look at only a handful of well-known Baroque artists, including prominent painters, architects and their buildings, as well as sculptors and their sculptures. However, this does not exclude the many other masterpieces created during the Baroque period and what they contributed to this period of art and culture.

    Below are other famous Baroque artistsworth noting, especially artists that came from different European countries other than Italy.

    The Baroque period, which started in Rome, eventually evolved into what was called the Rococo period, which started around 1702 until 1780 in France. The Rococo period was a time during which art portrayed a sense of lightness as opposed to the darker portrayals we see from the Baroque period. What both art movements shared was the dramatic flair i...

    What Is Baroque Art?

    Baroque art started during the late 1500s into the early 1700s. It was an art period during the Counter-Reformation when the Catholic Church was in opposition to the Protestants, who had started the Reformation. As part of the reaction, the Catholic Church wanted art to inspire the masses and leave them in awe of the magnificence and beauty of not only the Church, but the power and majesty of the Biblical and mythological narratives portrayed through paintings, sculpture, and architecture.

    What Characterized the Baroque Period?

    The Baroque period was characterized by using embellished and ornate decorations in paintings, sculpture, and architecture. Baroque artists portrayed a heightened sense of emotion in their paintings – often a scene when the most action would take place. Furthermore, the Baroque period can be known to be theatrical while remaining true to the styles of classicism and naturalism. Many artists used new techniques to emphasize emotion, such as chiaroscuro, which explored light and dark contrasts.

    When Was the Baroque Period?

    The Baroque period started as an art movement after the Renaissance and Mannerism art periods, and was followed by the Rococo art movement. Many artists during the Baroque period turned away from the styles in Mannerism and were influenced by leading artists from the Renaissance period, often using the styles from the High Renaissance to create what was known as Baroque art.

  2. 18/02/2022 · One of her most well-known Baroque artworks is Judith Slaying Holofernes. After dressing in her best garments, Judith set out for Holofernes’ camp, pretending to be interested in forming a partnership with the ruthless general. The Assyrian general was so taken by her beauty that he threw her a magnificent party in his tent.

    • Facts About Baroque Art
    • History of Baroque Art
    • Characteristics of Baroque Art
    • Examples of Baroque Art

    This era brought intense mingling of religious themes and western art. The artistic style used during this period wanted to portray emotions through painting, sculpture, music, and architecture. The mystery doesn't end here! 1. The Baroque style originated in Europe at the end of the 15th century and went on till the middle of the 17th century. 2. ...

    The Baroque era arose due to certain movements of protests against the authority of the Catholic Church. Let's go back to find out the events that gave birth to the Baroque era. 1. Martin Luther was one of the most significant figures of the protestant movement. 2. He was a German priest, author, theologian, and Augustinian friar (a religious mendi...

    Let's go on to read more about the Baroque art and Rococo style, broadening our cognitive horizons. The Baroque period ushered people into a more engaging sense of passion and vision. 1. The Baroque style and art can be divided into Baroque architecture, Baroque sculpture, Baroque painting, and Baroque music. 2. The Baroque era was illustrated by m...

    Baroque art is a vivid experience in itself, and it gave the world some unforgettable historical artifacts. Why not take a look at some of their momentous examples! 1. Annibale Carracci was an Italian painter and instructor who worked closely with his brother Agostino and cousin Ludovico. 2. He is considered to be one of the predecessors of Baroque...

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