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  1. 19 de octubre: Benjamin Salisbury, actor estadounidense. 21 de octubre: Kim Kardashian, modelo y estrella estadounidense. 22 de octubre: Kukuli Morante, actriz peruana. 23 de octubre: Mate Bilić, futbolista croata. 24 de octubre: Matthew Amoah, futbolista ghanés. 26 de octubre: Juan Manuel Mendoza, actor colombiano.

  2. Harrison, Benjamin. Speeches of Benjamin Harrison, twenty-third President of the United States (1890), contains his 1888 campaign speeches full text online; Chester, Edward W A guide to political platforms (1977) online; Porter, Kirk H. and Donald Bruce Johnson, eds. National party platforms, 1840–1964 (1965) online 1840–1956; External links

  3. Harrison Reed: Governor of Florida: Acquitted: March 1872 George G. Barnard: New York Supreme Court (1st District) Removed 1872 Henry C. Warmoth: Governor of Louisiana "Suspended from office", though trial was not held: 1876 Adelbert Ames: Governor of Mississippi: Resigned: 1888 James W. Tate: Kentucky State Treasurer: Removed 1901 David M. Furches

  4. Edward Benjamin Britten, barone Britten (Lowestoft, 22 novembre 1913 – Aldeburgh, 4 dicembre 1976), è stato un compositore, direttore d'orchestra e pianista britannico Indice 1 Vita e attività musicale

  5. Some respondents did not rate presidents that they were not familiar with. The minimum number of responses (62) were for the rather obscure and inconsequential presidents Hayes, Arthur, Cleveland, and Benjamin Harrison. 69–70 rated all recent presidents, from FDR on. Abbreviations VSA = Vision/Setting an agenda DL = Domestic leadership

  6. Benjamin Franklin: An American Life (2003). full-length biography. Mark Skousen. The Compleated Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin (2005) told in Franklins own words. Ralph L. Ketcham, Benjamin Franklin (1966), Short biography. Edmund S. Morgan. Benjamin Franklin (2003). Short introduction by leading scholar; Carl Van Doren.

  7. V. E. Mitchell June 1993 0-671-79512-0: 66 From the Depths: Victor Milan August 1993 0-671-86911-6: 67 The Great Starship Race: Diane Carey October 1993 0-671-87250-8: 68 Firestorm: L. A. Graf January 1994 0-671-86588-9: 69 The Patrian Transgression: Simon Hawke April 1994 0-671-88044-6: 70 Traitor Winds (The Lost Years, Book 3) L. A. Graf June ...