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  1. Columbia BFT. A version of the BF with back bracket and aluminum tone arm. Columbia BGT. A version of the BG with back bracket and aluminum tone arm. Columbia BVT. A version of the BV with back bracket and aluminum tone arm. Columbia BM. Uses a smaller version of the Higham reproducer found in the Columbia BC. Same case as the Columbia BG.

  2. Columbia began selling disc records and phonographs in addition to the cylinder system in 1901, preceded only by their "Toy Graphophone" of 1899, which used small, vertically-cut records. For a decade, Columbia competed with both the Edison Phonograph Company cylinders and the Victor Talking Machine Company disc records as one of the top three names in American recorded sound.

  3. The Columbia Graphophone and Grafonola -- a beginner's guide. Part 2 - Model Identification - Front Mounts. See also: Columbia Graphophone Identification -- Rear Mounts See also: Columbia Graphophone Identification -- Cylinder Graphophones For more Columbia models, consult our Antique Phonograph Identification Guide Copyright 2007 Lynn Bilton

  4. Model: Graphophone AT - Columbia Phonograph, American; Shape; Tablemodel, with any shape - general. Dimensions (WHD) 12.5 x 12.5 x 8.5 inch / 318 x 318 x 216 mm; Notes; Cylinder phonograph (also for Edison cylinders). Internal thread end winding handle for spring motor. Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 10.5 kg / 23 lb 2 oz (23.128 lb) Price in first year of sale; 26.00 $

  5. columbia graphophone This video shows an early Columbia ‘travelling arm’ Graphophone (circa 1903) playing Jack Buchanan singing ‘Goodnight Vienna’ (1933). This machine is the Columbia equivalent of the Gramophone and Typewriter Company’s Model No. 2, as shown in the famous painting ‘His Master’s Voice’.

  6. Columbia Graphophone Co. Ltd. was one of the earliest gramophone companies in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1917 as an offshoot of the American Columbia Phonograph Company , it became an independent British-owned company in 1922 in a management buy-out after the parent company went into receivership.

  7. The model 157 embodied the near pinnacle of acoustic gramophone design and was available between the autumn of 1927 and circa 1932. It has a large, exponential internal horn and the result is that the sound has to travel quite a distance inside the gramophone to the front of the horn, hence the improve-ment in sound quality.